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I have been running alone (c25k) or with hubs. I like having a running partner but, there is a big but. Hubs has run 22yrs as part of his career, training weekly and running events in the past. His current 5k would be about 26 mins whereas mine is 31 mins. We have tried going out at my slower pace but he always ends up going slightly faster with me running behind, trying to push to keep up. I feel like each run is a speed session and not so enjoyable. We have done longer distance with me at 10k and him bailing at 9k so far. Today he has said he cannot run so slow as it gives him cramp and funnily enough I cannot just speed up (oh I wish I could). So today we are no longer running partners. Back to solitary running again. It would be so nice to have a partner in crime.

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  • Oh that's a shame; are there any running clubs near you that you could join to find a replacement (running partner, that is!)?

    In the town about 5 miles from where I live, there are number of clubs and offshoots so there are often posts on Facebook gathering people up for a run that evening - giving details of distance and speed.

    Quite daunting to begin with but you'd have the running in common.

  • I have considered running groups but I tend to run during the school daytime on my days off work. I was in an evening running group during my c25k and found running late a challenge for me. There doesn't seem to be any daytime running groups on yet we have an ideal running ground with a common or sports centre within 0.5mile of my home. Such a shame.

  • That is a shame, but probably wise to realise that you both need to be running a distance and pace that works for you. On the plus side, you can go out without having to worry about whether the other one is feeling up to a run.

  • Yes we were hanging about this morning whilst he sorted his kit whereas I would have been out of the door and down the road lol. It seems very sad to be on the yellow brick road all alone.

  • Me and my OH run 'together' but same issue, he's faster than me, he always goes a bit ahead then loops back, so (annoyinglyπŸ˜‰) he ends up doing longer distances than me.....πŸ˜„, I've never been tempted to try and keep up with him because I know I can't.

    We started off the opposite to you, I was doing C25K and he used to run, but didn't start coming with me until I was past the 20 minute run point.

    He does parkrun in about 26 minutes and I'm usually around the 35 minute mark.

    Recently in our HM prep we've sort of 'caught up' at fuel/water breaks, then off we go again.

    We never run together at events

    Hope you find a solution, it is nice (sometimes πŸ˜‰) to have a bit of company.....


  • Thank you Madge. I have suggested you comments to him and that could be an option.

  • Sad... but.. time for new adventures.. sometimes a shake up is what we all need...:)

    No longer running partners, but how lovely to get together later and swap running tales :) xxx

  • We have on/off run together and to be honest I just need his encouragement and help to keep progressing. Someone to be accountable to who pushes me out of the door when the gremlins are out in force. Maybe he can do this from the sofa?

  • Like you we don't always run together, but I must admit, that's been a big part of our HM prep, it's been very hard and would have been easy to miss runs if we weren't both doing it.

    Maybe have a little break then go out together again, we're very lucky we've got a variety of routes- more so in the summer and we often chat about what we see etc., afterwards.


  • What if you put a request on your own FB page or something? Or maybe on here? I'm sure you might find a kindred spirit. Or maybe at your park run, just ask those who finish near your time if they're free or interested to run during the week.

    Just a thought! πŸ˜€

  • Find a run group then πŸ˜€ You can still run on your own too, which is great as you only have yourself to please. There will be a running group near you I bet

  • I sometimes run with my son ( who is much faster than me!). One of the things we have done to make things more enjoyable for him (and less of a trial for me) is to find a shortish circular route and run laps - the idea being that we both set off together and I win if I get to do x laps before he overtakes me. Another variant is to set off in opposite directions then each turn around and run back until we meet again (so we ran for the same time, but he ran much further!).

    Otherwise get along to your local parkrun and ask if the any of the people you regularly finish near fancy a run out!

  • How I sympathise with you Hdoyle! My OH has completed 3 marathons & now training for an ultramarathon. While he had an injury his physiotherapist advised him not to run with me as I'm a different pace. I was very disappointed (& felt a bit demoralised at the time). I found clubs don't quite fit in time wise and I do like the freedom of just going out the front door when it suits me. I've seen some of the comments in this thread and the loop backs seem like a good idea for you.

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