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Inland running

Went camping (actually, went glamping) a little bit inland and off the coast over the weekend to get away from this stinking heat and humidity that has plagued me/us for the past 6 weeks. At a place called Maleny - elevation 1394 feet It was still as hot during the day - maybe not quite so humid as on the coast but a lot cooler overnight, so I had my first nights's sleep in 6 weeks!! :( I did an 8 K run early before sunrise - it had uphill bits and downhill bits -- that is all!! :)

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I can imagine what a relief it must be to get away from the heat!


Phew! A little relief, I guess! I never cease to be amazed at the running you are doing in the temperatures you run in!! ☺


Phew, I couldn't cope with all that heat! I would be very grumpy losing that amount of sleep!


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