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It's ages since I started a post on here but I'm back in love with running and love is fuelling my success which in turn is fuelling my love.

Like many I suspect, I struggled through the short, cold days. Two colds, a sore knee and a painful ankle haven't helped either. I'd signed up for the London Winter Run but in early January I was realistic enough to know that I was nowhere near good enough to run it.

5 days ago, on Tuesday morning though, when I got up at 6.30am I realised that it wasn't completely dark outside and by the time I'd made breakfast and done the other morning chores, it was fully light by 7.30am. I ran at 8.00am and did a simple 4k. On Thursday, I went out and clocked up 7k, and this morning, when I thought I should be careful not to overdo it, I was so inspired I ran 8k! That's 5 miles and over 600 calories!

Stamina-wise, I could have gone further and run for longer but I'm very conscious of my legs (not too surprisingly, I suppose) and I walked about 1k home. Next time I set out on that route I'll hope to run that extra bit too.

Inspiration this afternoon has involved buying 2 pairs of running shorts and signing up for a 5 mile run on Good Friday. I'm also considering signing up for a 10k run in May.

So it was worth plodding on through the winter months, if only to be ready and waiting for the longer, slightly warmer days we're enjoying now.


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Yah hey! Good for you, and good to see you back! I know what you mean about the winter, and colds etc., even though I've had a plan to follow I've really struggled at times......but seem to be turning a corner at the moment (plus the plan is coming to an end - hurrah! - although that means the event I'm training for is just around the corner.....eeekk! 😱)

Go on sign up for that 10k, you know you want to......and you've said it on here you've got to! 😄



Loving the love that shines from your post!❤🏃🏽‍♀️Sounds like you are building up sensibly and have plenty of time to get ready for that10k in May. Good luck!🙂


Well done on building it back up again, and at a sensible rate 😀 .


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