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My Running Week

Hi All,

I hope that this post finds you all in good health.

I have managed a further three runs this week without too many problems. Monday was a slightly longer run 6.5km but at a nice slow and steady pace, which went well enough. The ice bath that my foot goes in afterwards though is a bit of a pain, still, nobody said running wouldn't come with some pain!! Wednesdays intervals although run at a somewhat slightly faster pace is still nowhere near what I was running this time last year. I have to keep telling myself that it is ok to not be running full out, unfortunately my brain keeps wanting to run at the pace that I was at last year and I find it a real struggle to run at a slower pace. I was lucky enough to get a Polar HRM for Christmas and I am using that to try and keep my heart rate in Zone 3 which is harder than I thought it would be.

Today's run was a indoor 5km run on the treadmill. I find the treadmill hard work just in terms of focus as its all too easy to step off, I haven't but the gremlins definitely like the treadmill as they work overtime in my head. It will be an ice bath tonight to try and keep and swelling to a minimum and then go from there. My next triathlon is in June so plenty of time to try and get back close to the place where I want to be, as long as everything goes smoothly!

Stay safe out there and keep on running.

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Sounds like a great running week, although I don't like the sound of the ice baths 😳 I've never used a treadmill, I'm really scared I'll do myself an injury and it's too easy to stop. At least halfway down a country lane, I have to keep going to get home!


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