I told someone that I run every week and she recoiled in horror and said "poor you!" As if I was punishing and torturing myself. When I said I do it because it is fun, I get out into some amazing surroundings and in fact it has helped me to unwind and relax, she looked at me as if I were lying. People just do not get it, do they? My heart and lungs are fitter, I feel more relaxed and confident, through running and healthy eating I have lost 2 stone 8 lbs, my shape is more toned, I have fun, I get to do something's that is purely for me, I set and reach new goals, my legs are stronger and my knees are great too. Finally, I have half a wardrobe full of cool running gear and all sorts of gadgets - what is not to like?

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  • And you look amazing!

    I have told you before, your photos make me smile..tell the person..that if she runs, she can be as happy and have the glow and inner joy that you have..she will be out there tomorrow..πŸ™‚

    Plus..The running gear, of course πŸ˜ƒ

  • Ooh! I do love my running gear. Especially my rechargeable headtorch, running in the dark seems kinda naughty (sure grown ups would be cross with me for doing it) but at 53, I do what I want LOL!

  • It is great isn't it! Jumping in puddles..getting shoes muddy..getting soaked in the rain...wonderful !!! X

  • Stop, my legs are tired and I have to wait until tomorrow evening to run Alol!

  • There's nowt so strange as folk!! I'm with you, long may my knees last enabling me to stay (relatively) sane & healthy :-)

  • I have found strength and flex exercises are great to avoid sore knees!

  • I could have written your post (except I'm 53 in September). But I would have also been that 'someone' 2 years ago πŸ˜‚. I really didn't get it, but I do now!!

  • When I was doing C25K I asked myself "will I ever enjoy this?" Now I can answer "yes indeedy!!"

  • Lovely photo! :)

  • Amen, nothing you can add to that and the picture says it all 😊

  • That's really funny! :D Poor lady.

  • I see where this lady is coming from, when i was at school doing those cross country runs in nothing more than plimsolls, t-shirt and shorts in the snow it was horrendous. My life had no worry's apart from how to get that game to load from tape on my ZX spectrum.

    Nowadays life isn't so simple I have to work, i have family which need constant attention and other such worry's a modern man has. I run to get away from these things, to have time to myself to breath to make myself better and see how far I can go.

    This woman obliviously remembers those days of running across the fields in the snow. She does not know of the lovely cushioned shoes, the lovely all weather tights or the dry wicking clothes or the fancy watches that tell's you how far you gone and how fast or even of the social aspects like parkrun. She has no worry's in her life no need to get away from life and have time to yourself just for those lovely 30 minutes (other times may vary)

    Oh nice picture, although i do have a strange crook in my neck :)

  • love your post :)

  • Haha joolie - this time last year I would have agreed with her! Now I agree with you. :)

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