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Happy Valentines Day to all running buddies xx


Hope love is in the air for you all especially the love of running!,

I wonder if I can ask advice please, I am training for a half marathon not until October so plenty of time. My current running week involves a speed run on Mondays, about 3/4km, a long run on weds which I'm building by 1/2 to 1km each week depending how legs are feeling, then the park run on Saturdays, between that I do a frisky session of Aqua and half hour of rowing in the gym. I'm a mature bunny at age 56yr keep forgetting that! so am just wanted to check if you feel I'm on the right tracks, I really appreciate your advice and guidance thank you x

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That sounds just about perfect.

I assume your 'speed run' is intervals. Keep the parkrun 5km at a slower pace, it should be your 'recovery' run for the week. And don't ramp up the longer run distance too fast/too soon. Every 6 weeks build in a 'rest' week. Don't cut out running altogether, but go easy on yourself, perhaps parkrun and another gentle 5km run in a new, picturesque location, maybe with a friend.

If you want to be doing more, then daily 20 minutes of squats and stretches should make you invincible.

Bunnygirl55 in reply to MarkyD

Thank you that's very helpful I've never thought of a rest week but that sounds a good idea. Yes I do intervals for the speed run which works ok for me not sure about the squats that sounds like a tough 20mins!


You are certainly on the right track.

Most people follow a training plan for the Half Marathon which lasts 16-18 weeks in the lead up to the big day. There are lots of them but myasics are very popular.

Thank you that's encouraging I will definitely look at the myasics plan too

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