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10 k to 10 miles?


So, I can just about cope with 10k now, so long as it's not up a mountain, but I'm still very glad when it's done! I was going to spend a few months consolidating that but... well, I've seen a 10 mile race that I would like to do. You know how it is...

Unfortunately it's less than five weeks away. What do you think?

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If you're 10k fit at the moment I'd say go for it. I've always done 10K's but this year finally taking the plunge and doing the great scottish 1/2 in October but I'm doing the kyles 10 miles in September just to see how I get on. From now till then I'm going to do a couple of 10ks to keep me motivated.

I'm sure you'll get on great. Let me know how you can get on...I'm quite apprehensive about upping the miles but reckon I can do it. ☺


Mmmmnnn I love your ambition Anne but 5 weeks is not a terribly long time to build up to 10 miles. There's not a lot of buffer time for delays (life, sickness, etc) injury or getting the muscles used to the increasing distance.

You've done brilliantly but you're still a relatively new runner and that journey from 6-10 miles is quite tough based on my own experience 😏

On the other hand you're a different runner and you could definitely go for it and succeed. You could put your details into a MyAsics plan and see what the training looks like and if you'd want/could commit to it. Let us know what you decide.

I think i would ask the following and then make an informed judgement:

If you observe the 10% rule, can you get to 10m in the next few weeks?

Can you build in some rest days in the pre race week so you are fresh for the race?

Whats the furthest you have run previously? How did that feel?

Is 10k a pretty standard distance for you now so a good building platform?

Do you have enough 'spare time' to devote to what will be pretty intensive training?

Is the 10m route pretty easy, if not can you cope with the hills?

Its your journey Anne so your decision. Personally I know I could not increase distance this quickly so I would try to find an alternative race . But whatever you decide I wish you good and injury free running😀👍🏼

Let us know your decision x


I couldn't do it in that time, but maybe you can.

Is it an actual race? Or is it more like a charity event where your time actually won't matter?


Thanks folks. These are helpful thoughts. I'll certainly not rush to book, then!

But I'll not rule it out either. :)

The 10% rule thing is fine - there is time for that, just. And I've looked at the last few years' results and there are some other slow coaches so that's okay.

But I don't want an injury so I'll try not to be stupid. I'll see how I feel at the end of February. I don't think it's a race that fills up as such so it should be okay to hesitate a while longer! And I'll not get my hopes up so that I'm not too disappointed if I don't do it.

I won't even tell anyone I'm thinking about it. Apart from you lot... :)

Irish-JohnGraduate10 in reply to AnneDroid

Anne - nobody says we we will never talk to you again if you don't finish it :)

When the time comes, if you feel like giving it a go - give it a go. :)

We run, in part, to free ourselves of the old feelings of inadequacy that kept our backsides nailed to the Couch.

If you think it will be exciting/fun/interesting to enter - well, the first few steps may feel like those first few in W1 D1...But they will get you out this door too :)


Such a tricky one! I found the jump from 10k to 10 miles a much bigger one than from 5 to 10k, even though it is only 6k more! I would urge a little caution only because you don't want to lay yourself open to overuse injuries. That said, you can always start to increase those runs carefully and see how your body responds. 10 miles is a great distance and a brilliant challenge - enjoy whenever you do it!🙂


Well I would. I did! I thought the race I had pitched up for was 10k. It wasn't. It was ten miles! What a mistake to make 😀 I did it though. I nearly keeled about 12k but a lady gave me some of her drink and I rallied 😛

You have to do it now as you've said it out loud 😃

Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to misswobble

Wow! Go you. I bet you check entry forms really, really carefully now, don't you?


As has been suggested, it is doable but tough.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is sustenance. Most of us find that 14-16K (8-9 miles) is the sort of range that we really start to falter without some mid-run refuelling.

If it was me, I would go for it but would not be aiming for a super-fast time.

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