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My Running Week

Hi All,

I am sort of off the injury couch, I have been having treatment for an Achilles tendon problem and because of that I have not been running. I have still been training but its only this week that I have actually made 3 full runs without (touching a wooden desk here at work) any major setbacks. I am very annoyed and frustrated at myself, I certainly should have stopped running much much earlier and got some help with fixing my Achilles. I am now frustrated because I am having to approach my runs in a much more relaxed manner so I don't over do it. But the good news (or not so good news for you that have to read my posts) is that hopefully I will be able to sustain some decent training and get back on track. I have effectively lost the whole of the winter training time to this injury and I am nowhere where I wanted to be in terms of conditioning and times, but there you go.

I really hope that you are all well and injury/sick free and see you again soon.

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I'm glad you're back, Mat30 but be careful this time, okay? I'm really sorry you've had the Achilles problem but hopefully you can get back on track again. All the best with it

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