Once upon a time in suffolk

Once upon a time in suffolk

Where do I begin! What a day.

So Beth and I planned to do a 60 minute run on part of the Tarpley 10 mile route today as a training exercise in prep for the 10m in 2 weeks. Sounds simple... ☺️

So I parked my car at the finish and jumped into beths car which we parked at the 8km point, calcilating that it should take us 60 minutes to run back to my car. Off we went... And took a wrong turning at 6km, so after we turned around we made it back to my car after a lovely 12km run. That's when it went down hill.... I'd left my car keys in beths car which is now 4 miles away as the crow flies, oh and I hadn't locked my car either, what to do, neither of us had the energy for another 4 miles. So I called the Mrs and asked her to bring my spare keys, while we waited Beth suggested we go to the pub opposite for a few 🍺🍷☺️☺️, now I hadn't brought my wallet and beths purse was in her car, a aah a brainwave apple pay! So off we pop to the pub for a few drinks, Beth is telling the story on Facebook when her iPhone goes flat! We hadn't yet paid for the drinks. So not only did I get my wife to drive 30 miles to rescue me I asked her to pay for our drinks too. Now taking her out for a meal..... Grovel... Grovel..

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  • Ha ha! Love it, that's great distraction to stop you worrying about the 10 miler, well done on the 12k............I bet your good lady thinks you planned it that way😂.........maybe you should have said you did as a surprise to take her out......🤔.......you old romantic.......😂


  • what a saga Paul! glad it all got sorted in the end! You must have a very kind wife!! well done both of you on your 12km :)

  • ...well at least there was a happy ending!😀 Well done on the 12k too!

  • Omg it gets better, after all that I still left my keys in beths car so need to meet her tomorrow what a muppet , I think I've arrived at the "certain age"

  • Wow, that is a good story! Well done on the 12k, excellent run.

  • Hahahahahaha great story 😂

  • Hehe just as well the wife is not into this running lark!

  • Oh dear, what a palaver. I thought it was just me that did things like that 😀

    you did your run though, which is the name of the game 🙂

  • Great run and an even better story! Well done on the 12K, hope you enjoy your meal out :)

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