The Queen of Faffing

After a good rest day yesterday (went to the gym but concentrated on upper body - as my eldest put it, "I did a legless workout"! - and had a gentle swim) I was all set this morning for Week 3 Run 1. Or was I? Kit on, warm up exercises completed, podcast on, MapMyRun set to go, then I realised that Mr R had taken my key yesterday and not replaced it. So then I faded about looking for it. I eventually decided to wake him up and ask.

Once again I was ready, restarted the podcast and reset MapMyRun and I was off out the door. But not for long. I hadn't realised it was raining, so turned round and went back inside. More faffing to find my rain proof jacket. Then even more faffing to find the running cap I bought last week in the Decathlon sale (and stop to explain to Mr R why it was such a bargain, "Ok it doesn't go with my other running gear but it was only Β£1.49 and who cares if it makes me look like I have a pea head!" ). And a little more faffing to find some tissues to wipe my glasses.

Once again... I reset MMR, restarted the podcast and this time I was off.

Considering all that, I was pleasantly surprised to have an event free run. It was drizzly, but not too bad, I didn't overstretch myself and kept a steady pace. I even took on advice to do a few stretches after the second 17 minutes, when I felt the first twinge and it worked marvellously. No cramp this time to get in my way, in fact the only obstacle I encountered the whole way round was a dead squirrel lying supine on the pathway, and I managed to leap over him gracefully.

Week3 Run 1 completed βœ…. πŸ˜€

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  • Well done, you!

    Glad it went okay and no ill effects...despite leaping over demised squirrel! :)


    Be careful.. there are some really excellent faffers on here, who might dispute your title Queen of Faffing... I am thinking about our wonderful poppypug , and her tea towel drawer!!!

    You have to try and find that is hilarious!!! :)

  • I shall have a look for that post. I don't want to upset poppypug by making a claim on her throne. I settle for being the dowager or dame of faffing instead. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Tee hee.. our PP won't mind, she is wonderful.. :) The post is funny.. it was when she had the shirt for a race she was doing, and the race number ... :)

  • This is the link..or one of them.. don't know if it will work..

  • Ha ha ! Oh theres no limits to my faffidge ! :-) xxx

  • I seem to be developing a faffing habit quite nicely too! πŸ˜‚

  • Haha I get this so much. I posted about the faffidge once and how I got to 24 things to do before heading out for a run! I don't think anyone matched this number. Poor squirrel ☹️

  • Ha ha , and it gets even worse if its an event doesn't it ? The faffidge o- meter goes into meltdown for those ! :-) xxx

  • My goodness, there will be no hope for me then. I was pretty bad at faffing before I took up running. My husband always goes for a half hour sit down when I say we're ready to go out, while I fanny around sorting out last minute bits and looking for things and remembering stuff...

  • Haha , yes Razz ! Whatever time I plan to go out I need to add extra faffidge time , and here's me thinking that running was just putting on your gear and heading out of the door , it's far more complicated than that ! :-) xxx

  • Ha ha ha - I can just see all that happening. Bet Mr R was chuffed at being able to share in your early morning plans ..... πŸ˜‰

    The faffing is at times a prerequisite to getting out the door - indeed I sometimes think I faff so much that I've already done my 5 mins warm up!!

    Glad you smashed Wk3r1 πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Davoda, faffing is definitely becoming part of my warm up routine, only trouble is that it seems to take a lot longer than 5 minutes sometimes. πŸ˜‚

  • Well done on your great run Razouski and squirrel avoidance😊

    As for the faffage..mine includes so many trips to the loo, even putting on my running shoes then taking them off again to run upstairs for one last time..

    The walk breaks are fab aren't they...

  • I know that feeling when you have to take your running shoes off to go upstairs again. Last time I had to go upstairs for something I ended up tying plastic bags over my shoes because it takes me so long to undo and replace them! I'm thinking of getting those elasticated plastic shoe covers you get if you have to walk into the swimming pool. :-)

  • When I was doing the RunStreak a couple of years ago, I was only running a mile on most days. My faffidge time to get ready for running actually exceeded the time I was out running. Usually by double the amount of time I was out - and I was still doing the 5 mins warm-up walk. Oh, the shame :(

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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