8km done passing ladies faffing about!😁

Had a good run this morning with the group, was very chilly when I set off but soon warmed up and the sun decided to make an appearance. Running with the group leader, she motivates me to get a spurt on at times, and downhill I was steaming! and actually overtook 2 lady runners faffing about nattering!😀,I laughed to myself and thought of poppypug & oldfloss😁then enjoyed the rest of the Croydon 10k course running in roads of posh houses, which I was drooling over as I ran by which took my mind off any toughness of the run, as we came to a junction a few ks from the end another lady runner passed in front of us, my leader asked me if it was OK for her to go off in front upping her pace in prep for the race next Sunday to which I said of course "go for it!" and overtake that runner which just went past us, to which she laughed and took off like a rocket! I watched her as she caught the lady runner overtook and dissapeared in the distance, well! She is a 19 year old Croydon Harrier! It made me get another spurt on to see if I could catch that lady runner ,but alas she was too strong for me! but! I wasn't far back and came to the finish elated, another fine run in the bag,although short of a couple of ks as we missed out a few back roads! Oh well! I'll get those next week when I do the race course proper!😊


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  • Excuse me!!!!! How rude :) I don't have a propensity for faffing about !!! Now nattering... yes, but never whilst running... i do not have enough breath!!!!

    Well done you anyway.... :) xx Sunds like a great run... and nice to know you think of us! :)


    I'd like to think I was more like the lady who, 'took off like a rocket'..but mybe that is just wishful thinking..

    Love to Mrs Dave toox

  • Sorry floss, ahem.. I'll retract that remark maybe..😱 it's only in jest, but those ladies looked very fit and could probably also go off like rockets, and leave me in their dust. But you used to be a competition sprinter didn't you? I bet you could still rock!! I'll probably get it in the neck from pops as well!😀

    Mrs Dave goes into hospital for her operation on 17th October, she want's it done and over with..😖 I shall be on tenterhooks😖

  • I know... it was taken in fun...Mind, Pops will be after you too... and she is very fast ! Wonder how she has gone on with her loooooong run today ?

    I did sprint..in my youth and have been having bits of fun, doing a sprint at the end of my runs...I can still move, when necessary!.

    Poor Mrs Dave... it will be great when it is all done; I know what i am like when my husband is ill for any reason... it is dreadful. I think about you both often x

  • With all the rushing around that the youngsters do, it's nice for us to run at a moderate pace and take in the nice surroundings.. I've done enough rushing around when I worked in London..😉

  • It is..I did a gentle 7K early this morning...steady and slow..just enjoying everything around me 🙂

  • Not long to go now then

    Croydon Harriers - isn't that Martyn Rooney?

  • Oi ! Oi , Whats all this then ? :-)

    In my defence, I don't tend to faff when I'm running , but before hand that is completely a different story. My Faffidge O-Metre goes into overload , and I know I drive myself and everyone around me completely nuts ! Ha ha :-D

    That sounds like you had a really good time this morning Dave. Theres a lot of posh houses where I run too . ( not that I am posh in anyway, shape or form ) but we have a lot of Premiership footballers houses in the next village, and I like a good gawp ! A lot of them have private drives and gated entrances so you cant actually see their houses but theres some with outdoor pools and tennis courts , oh how the other half live hey ?

    Well looks like youre well and truly on course for your 10K. You've done the training so you are prepared, you've just got to run the thing now ! :-)

    Hope all goes well with Slinky Sue , I bet you both will be so relieved when this is behind you .

    Well done Dave ! :-) xx

  • I sometimes run past ex footballer now pundit Ian Wright's old house, I believe it sold for a cool 6m!!!.........

  • Pops, I just had a thought, which I thought you'd like to know. I think your not far from Man United's ground and a supporter are you not? Well, my Great uncle Oscar played for them back in the day and played in the 1908/09 cup final. He is well documented....

    Sadly he was killed on The Somme in 1916 while there with the football regiment, and is remembered on The Thiepval Memorial in France. I always wonder if he played football against the Germans on no man's land at Christmas.. probably..😊

  • Yes I'm not that far away Dave, but my heart belongs to a football club on the other side of the Pennines - My home town club, Leeds United ! :-)

    Oh this is so interesting ! I attended the Somme Experience in Heaton Park in July, it was amazing ! It was a event to mark 100 years , and there was lots of people dressed in World War 1 uniforms and dress and there were tents where there were reconstructions of Army Hospitals and even the Army recruitment office . It was an amazing , but a very emotional experience . There were so many young men from the North West that lost their lives in the Battle of the Somme . I will Google him and read up about him , was his surname Links ? xxx

  • Oscar Horace Linkson

  • Aw that is so sad :-(

    28 years old, its tragic, and his poor parents losing all those children in infancy. xxx

  • Yes, I know, and a lot of families went through similar tragedy, I also lost my uncle John in 1941 in The battle of Tobruk, he was only 21! He's in the war cemetery there.But they could never beat us! Stupid wars!

  • Yes I agree, so many lives lost needlessly xxx

  • Wow ! Cor, its another world isn't it Dave ? :-) xxx

  • Croydon! I spent a lot of time in Croydon in the 2000's :) Still pop in there every few years. Knew a lot of nice people with shops and so forth but sadly last time I was there, about four years ago, so many places had been closed. However - Queen Victoria is always there for me to say Hi to when I go by the Library and Museum etc ;)

  • John, it's not like it used to be, yes shops closed, take aways, coffee shops, nail bars, seems to see too many of these now in shopping centres & high streets..Yes, but at least we still have Queen Victoria, I wonder what she would make of it all? We are not amused!

  • I don't blame anyone for not being amused at the state of things there. It was so vibrant in the 90's and into the 2000's but as you say do little of substance now commercially to attract custom.

  • We prefer Bromley especially for shopping, ever been there?

  • No. I used to stay at a place on Alpha Road and when not in Central London used to enjoy walking around that neighborhood. Started going over in '92 for a week or two and then every year until about 2002. Now I only get to drop by every few years. About the only places left that I feel a connection with are the Museum - also alas gone downhill the last time I was there - a local Church and the Two Brothers Cafe. That last was a favourite when my daughter was small - there were a group of old dears who worked there and they weere gaga about her :) Last time we went there, about three years ago, it had an entire new staff though. Used to be able to do all my gift shopping in Croydon, and there were about eight used books stores in the mid 90's but very little there now except a lot of good memories of trips with my children :) Always wanted to tour the Thruppeny bit though - still on my 'must do someday' list :) There is a similar building in Charleston SC that was almost the first thing I noticed when my thoroughly jet-lagged addled brain landed there almost thirty years ago my first time in the USA, I remember thinking 'Wow! - just like Croydon! :) "

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