A very slow bimble with a companion

A very slow bimble with a companion

I couldn't resist going out this afternoon as well as the parkrun today, as I'm really struggling to run during the week. Don't worry, I went really really slow.... So slow, I picked up a new friend. Mr Robin followed me along, landing within arms length a number of times. There was no chance of over doing it as he had his beady eye in me!

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  • Lovely picture!☺

  • Very well done.. and for being slow too :)

    What a lovely photograph, and how super to have a little feathered friend en route with you :)

  • Ha! We always think they are being our friends but I suspect, unless we are carrying mealworms, they are really just shouting "**** off! **** off!" Still nice for us though, whatever the bird means and thank you for sharing the photo.

  • Ahh, Robins are lovely but feisty, one in our garden the other day was busily chasing all the other birds away from the food!

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