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Progress report from the Half Marathon training :)


Hi all,

I've written a long post on the Marathon forum, but as this forum has been, and still is my spiritual home, I thought I'd sumarise, and give you all a link to my main post which is here:

The main points:

- I just ran 17.5k! Might even be 17.6 actually, but that's nearly 11 miles. Good grief!

- I did a very stupid thing and forgot to change the insoles over to the trail shoes, but did remember to remove the stock insoles, so I basically did 11 miles with no insoles at all. Doh! I have blisters as a reminder of my foolishness

- I also now have joggers nipple. Nice.

My question to all my friends on here is how the heck did I manage that? How did I end up training for a HM I haven't even dared to enter yet? I must be going mad!

What I will say though, is I really enjoyed it for the most part.

The reason I'm even considering a HM is mainly due to the fantastic support of all of you, my friends, on this forum. You are all amazing!

One last thing - I did the "Relive" thing:

Neil :)

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Neil, you’re a superstar! 🤩 Your progress is epic and I have no doubt at all that you are going to absolutely smash your first HM! 👊

Jogger’s nipple? 😳 Oh heck.

And blisters are a right pain, but those blister plasters you can get nowadays are pretty effective I think.

Have fun with your continued training. We love hearing all about it! 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

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Thank you Cheeky, you are very kind. I’ll certainly have to look at blister plasters, because they are proving to awkward, though the pain from them has eased now that I’m resting.

My poor nipple is a bit sore though. Sadie says I need a sports bra 😂


I’m interested to read this as I have HM aspirations for this year. I haven’t entered one yet , either though I have my eye on Oxford and Blenheim later in the year. I’m in awe of your distance x

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Thanks Flick, I’m not really that competitive, but I want to achieve the distance. You’ll do great though, I’m sure :)

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Hidden

I'm not competitive either. I just go for my own pace and time in races. but i do need to get the distances in this year.


Brilliant, well done, I miss the long runs but I'm committed to doing loads of 5ks at the moment.

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I prefer the long runs these days, 5k is, it seems, now a short run, so that’s when I work on pace. 5ks are therefore jolly hard work!!


You are a strong runner. Well done you! It sounds like the HM is very doable for you!

I read your full post on the HM forum and the mention of the foot blisters made me squirm, then I was cringing at the thought of the nips. Eeeew... sounds nasty.

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Thank you! I have to say things are hurting a bit now, so I’m resting, and will have a rest day or two, but I’m really looking forward to getting back to it. I can’t decide whether the nips or the blisters are worse lol

GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

The thought is giving me the hee bee gee bees, do you think you could suffer a little in silence please?. 🤫

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Wow Neil! I am in awe.

Hang the blisters and joggers nipple you just ran 11 miles 😱. (Mind you I would sort both of those things out before running a distance like that again.)

Go you! Great pace too.

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Awww thanks Deb! I felt ready, and I wanted to see if I could do it, and I can, but next time I will indeed sort both of those things. The mistake with the insoles has also meant that I was weight bearing differently, so I’m now paying for that with tight muscles all over the place lol


Well done, that is a fantastic distance and pace 😊👍

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Thank you, I really appreciate that.

Wow Neil, that is impressive. This is the best, encouraging post I have seen so far for this new year. You are AMAZING, do you know that? You've done so, so well, I'm struggling just to run 5k still and you graduated after me. I just can't get out there much, it's so infuriating. Anyway, everyone's lives are different, be so thankful, (I know you are though), that you have a achieved all you've done. You will do this HM, there's no doubt about it in my eyes.

That relive video is brilliant, lovely to watch and such a distance. Did you pause or just keep going? Whatever you did, it doesn't matter, you have proved you can do it, so go for it, I'll support you all the way x 👍😊

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Oh Beth, that post nearly made me cry, thank you for saying those lovely things! I really wish I hadn't messed up with my insoles though lol!

I know technically I graduated from C25K after you, but I probably have more time to run, as I'm in that horrible post-divorce period, so I probably have more free time, plus I work odd hours that give me a free weekday every week. Now I know you know this already, but your journey is your journey, and you have nothing to prove to anyone else. When I look at your progress, and all that you have to contend with, the fact that you run at all is brilliant. And you do run, I know you do, I follow you on Strava :P

Oh - you know the relive video wasn't real time, right? ;)

quirkybee in reply to Hidden

Ah, bless you Neil 😊

That's true as you say though, our journey is our own journey and if we do just a little bit, at least we are doing something. Yes, I've been active since 31 December with a couple of runs, but I'm pausing and walking for 15 secs and just can't seem to get very far. I'm doing the RED January too, it's all been walking mind, after work with the pups and it really is a rush and I find it a struggle, but I'm getting out there being active and that's what helps with emotions etc. Just replying to your post makes me feel positive as your runs are so encouraging. Keep up the great work Neil, because you're doing a great job 👍😊


Super and Epic run Neil... Huge Well Done!

Sorry about the blisters and the rubbing,😯... but they will heal and you will Still have run that 17.5k 😎👏👏👏

Awesome running my friend!😊xxx

Thats almost HM distance already😉

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Thank you so much Jan, it means a lot that an experienced runner such as yourself still comments on my posts!!

The blisters have settled down nicely now thanks, and the nips have recovered too, just dealing with some rather nasty calf tightness which kicked in yesterday with a vengeance, but thankfully a combination of foam rollering and intense stretches seem to be doing the trick.

You're right... it is nearly HM distance, and I actually felt OK with it. It was the shoe issue that was causing me problems, not the actual act of moving my legs lol

BluebirdrunnerGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

Thats nice of you to say Neil😙...I'm on the same journey as you though, just started a bit earlier... and taking my time enjoying being able to run. I was given lots of advice and encouragement along the way on this forum and its nice being able to pass it on, as you yourself do too.

Keep going and keep enjoying it, to quote lannodatruffe...the world is your running track! 😊xx


Wow! You are amazing! I can't get my head round any further than 10k but then I never thought I'd reach 5k let alone 10k so never say never? Nip issues - micropore tape? Helps with sore bits in ski boots! Good luck with your HM training this year!

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Thank you so much Slinkymalinki, no I couldn't get my head round it either, but then I did one of those runs where I did 10k, probably at a more sedate pace, and felt really good, and went a bit further I seem to remember. There's no rule that says you have to go beyond 10k, and of course your journey is just that, your journey, and whatever you do, we'll be here to support you.

Good call on the micropore tape too actually. They've settled down now, but I think I might try that next time as a precautionary measure :D


Brilliant! Well done Neil!

Your poor feet though! Look after them. I hope they heal fast for you.

Nip rub is no joke. Have you tried bodyglide? It lasts really well so isn't as expensive as it seems. The stick is really convenient and works on any areas that rub.

Keep it up👍💪😁

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Thank you JoJo!

A rookie mistake is what it was, and a daft one at that. It's actually given me really tight calves since, as I suspect weight bearing slightly differently has caused issues grrrrrr!

Bodyglide? I hadn't heard of that, but it sounds like a great idea. I work at a cycling shop so I bet we sell that. I'll have a look. Thanks for the tip :)

Oh - are you on Strava?

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