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No way, I just did 10k!


Ok it was not planned, I am doing the 5-10k programme and the weather is hideously wet today. I thought just a little run in the lighter rain so maybe the 3k or 5k. However, I dithered about going out, we have a school related meeting this afternoon that has me so wound up and a little emotional that this happening etc. So I went out and after 1k I felt like going home with rubbish breathing and heavy legs which I put down to my head cold and worrying. But then the bloody-mindedness kicked in and I kept on running, one goal after another! My anger was harnessed by keeping my pace in check and carrying on. I got to 6 miles and it was a slog for the last 0.24 miles to get to 10k but I did it!! I was so pleased when I got home but I may pay for it in aches etc. Back to the programme I think!

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Sometimes it just happens.. that is how it did with me :) i was very surprised :)

Very, very well done you... I hope it got rid of those horrid worrying thoughts too... it is great when a run clears your head of negative emotions :) I use my runs for so much more than running :)

Hot shower or bath.. some massage and a big pat on the back! :)

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It was a surprise but as I was running i remembered someone saying that once at 5k, 10k is the mental challenge so I held onto this thought whilst challenging it lol. My new years resolutions were to continue running and to get to 10k and comfortable with it. I think I will build up to it over the 6 weeks ju-ju has set for us and try again then. A quick warm shower after getting wet was lovely!

I think running has helped my worrying tendencies and some anxieties along the way. I have to remember that I do this equally for fitness and mental health. I have a half empty glass composition so I am an easy target for those pesky negative gremlins lol.


Well done! I take it that was your first 10k! Whenever I find the going tough, I always tell myself never to judge the next kilometre (or the one after that!) by the one I'm running now! Seems to help keep those gremlins at bay for me, anyway! 😀


Yay! Love it! Running to get rid of frustrations and burying them under miles of sweat covered asphalt is an amazing way to feel better. As long as it's not every run or every week it's highly encouraged.

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I blooming hope I don't go through this every week! But yes a much better way to rid myself of the frustrations rather than banging my head against a brick wall.......Hope my legs don't complain too much tomorrow though they are feeling good right now!

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They might. But it won't kill you. And it will have been worth it ;-)


What a positive way to deal with bad feelings. I do the same when things are a bit bleak. I hope you're fine tomorrow


Congratulations on the 10k Hidden..😊

that wasn't quite how you planned it though by the sound of it!

You know you will get there again by training up to it...but you showed some grit today. Good for you. 😊x

Well done on conquering 10K and keeping the gremlins at bay. I hope school is out too bad.

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I was not having any time for gremlins in the mood I was in lol. Meeting regarding kids and school was horrible, banging my head against a brick wall whilst fighting kids corner........glad I ran! Life's difficulties.


I just don't believe in gremlins so they don't bother me.

A longer run can be just the thing for unravelling a knotty problem. Sort it out in your head whilst jogging along, and return home once you have some sort of resolution. Job's a good un 😊


well done, funny how it goes.

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