6.5k or 13.1k? Advice please!

Hello lovely people! Help please.....

I am thinking of entering a race in Edinburgh at the beginning of April. I am dithering between running the 6.5, the safe option or the 13.1, a challenge! I have run 10k five times, but not a race. I have also run 11k on the road and 13k, just the once but it was quite a challenging trail. However my usual distances are between 5k and 8k. Do you think 13.1k would be a step too far?! I know it is a personal choice but any advice would be gratefully received!

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  • Given your history I'd say 13.1.

    Register, train, enjoy!

    You can do this!

  • Yes, it is good to have something to aim for. The suggested training on the race website seems to be quite good. Thanks for your encouragement Jacs :)

  • You can do the 13.1, you have lots of time and you know you'd kick yourself if you didn't go for this distance!

  • Yes, I would be annoyed with myself! Thanks for your advice.

  • It's completely up to you, of course, but the 13.1k is perfectly doable and you have plenty of time to prepare to be able to set a respectable time.

  • I am a bit worried that I will be so slow compared to others in the race. I have managed 10k in one hour 10 minutes, but with the extra distance I will need to take it steady.

  • You are not slow! I've got a PB of 10k in 1 hour 10, so none of that missus! I'm doing my first HM in March and have a predicted time of 2hrs 35, I'm hoping for 2hrs 30, but at the end of the day I want to complete it, that is all - and I won't be the slowest! (Not that it matters)

    Leave the gazelles and racing snakes to the 'race', your achievement will be no less, no matter what time you complete it in.

    Now, sign up for the HM, go on you know you want to! πŸ˜‰


  • Ha, ha that made me smile :) yes the racing snakes, cheetahs and other speedy folk will be well ahead but as you say - it doesn't matter because I am doing it for me. HM ........maybe next year ;)

  • I thought the 13.1 referred to a HM, ha ha! Unusual to have those as km distances, you'll be absolutely tickety boo......do it, do it, do it....



  • Yes, it is a bit confusing! They say on their website that they offer these as an alternative to the usual 5k & 10k. Good idea I think!

  • Yes, a good step up, will definitely build your confidence, that's what I did, with a couple of 10 milers, but had to do one and feel comfortable before I'd commit to the HM.......πŸ˜„


  • How is your preparation going? Are you doing a specific training programme for the HM?

  • I'm following a 'my asics' plan, on two runs a week, did one for the 10 miler and it worked well.

    So far so good, regular 8k's at the moment, it cranks up in a week or so (6weeks to go 😱) strange though, the 10 miler plan took me to 9.5 mile runs, (which were really hard - but the event itself was great!) this one takes me to 10.5 miles max, I might want to do at least about 12 miles, just to be confident. One thing I will say, the 'tapering' works, (you run your longest training run 10 - 14 days before the event then cut back significantly - it messes with your head, but it works)

    I'm doing my own additional core and strength training too - just want to feel 'strong' and capable on the day......😬

    The 'my asics' plans seem to be quite popular, are easy to follow, flexible and they adapt as you go along too. They are free to down load, just go to the 'my asics' web site and have a look - if you're tempted πŸ˜‰


  • That sounds really good I will have a look. Best of luck with your training, sounds like it is going well. Needs great discipline and dedication. I look forward to hearing updates of your progress.

  • Thanks Sue, that's really kind, don't know about the discipline and all that, feel like a bag of rusty old spanners some days!

    And, as above, I won't be troubling any Mo Farah types, but there it is, said I would do it, and I will 🀞

    Good luck with yours πŸ€—


  • Cheers! Keep posting :)

  • Simple.... Do the 13

  • I need a bit of your positive attitude! Thanks :)

  • You will be fine Sue, if you can do 10 you can do 13 , no problem .

    Go for it, it'll be fun, you can do it ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you for your encouragement. I suppose you are right, it is only three more kilometres. It is amazing to think that this time last year I couldn't even run 3k!

  • I know its mind boggling isn't it where this programme can take us.

    The only running I did before was to the shop to get some more fags before it closed for the night :-) xxx

  • Another vote for the 13.1K - go for it! Good luck with your trainingπŸ™‚

  • Thank you for the vote of confidence Sandra :)

  • 13. I do that distance once a year and it's a great stretch goal. You'll be fantastic.

  • You'll be annoyed with yourself if you don't go for the 13.1. So sign up and get training. You can absolutely do this!

  • I'd go for the HM...

  • It is only (!) 13.1kilometres not a half marathon, although it will feel like a HM to me!!

  • Thank you everyone for your encouragement and positive comments :) I am now thinking that pushing myself will be good.....

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