Urban trailrunning?

Urban trailrunning?

My preferred running route is heading out into the woods and fields but right now, due to work and dark mornings and nights, apart from my weekend run, I have been forced to run in town. The addition of my headtorch means even darkness does not stop me. Today, thought I would go for a 10k run round town, managed 12 in the end but to make it more fun, like to think of it as urban trailrunning! There are many similarities to running through the woods - hopping over tree roots is the same as skipping over sticking out paving slabs, dodging through the trees and tracks is a bit like swerving around the bins and the variety of surfaces and routes makes it great fun. I got a bit lost today so managed to find a stream through a housing estate, a lake with ducks, saw a house where the owner had left their keys in the front door all night (would have been easy to steal one of their cars parked out front), had plenty of photo opportunities (gave me an excuse to stop for a second), visited the supermarket to have a drink of water in their rest room (it was warm - yuk) and saw another runner who gave me a friendly wave. Plenty of hills - both up and downhills, kerb hopping and traffic dodging. Great fun!!

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  • I suppose it keeps the mind flexible and alert too to find creative options for running. The main reason I prefer not to run through town is being stuck at traffic lights so often. The good thing about running is you can pretty much do it anywhere if you're a bit flexible

  • Something a bit different, glad you enjoyed it 😀

  • I love the idea of an urban trailrun... like you I prefer the woods but I can't in the week as too dark ( I work full time etc). My weekday runs are just drab along the main road where I live.... I need to mix it up a bit I think!!!

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