Sleet forced me onto treadmill yuk

Well last night I had to do a 50 minute run as part of my 10 miler training, I was actually looking forward to it as I managed 60 minutes on Sunday, albeit in the canaries with my daughter. But it stated snowing and sleeting yuk, couldn't face it so off I went to the gym knowing that I hate being on the treadmill for longer than 30 minutes. It was tough keeping the motivation to be honest but I listened to "marathon talk" podcast on Spotify which tool my mind off it slightly. The first 30 minutes was a doddle but the last 20 awful. Bring on spring.

2 Replies

  • I used to think yuk just like you, but have learned to embrace and enjoy the threadmill when the alternatives are worse. The spotify podcast was a good idea, and I think distraction is the key to find the treadmill enjoyable (just like it's the distraction from ever changing scenery that makes outdoor running fun).

  • I'm not running because it is so icy out. Not worth the risk, am really missing it though. Hope I won't have to resort to a treadmill 😥 but well done you for not being beaten by the weather.

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