Bridge to 10K

A good running start to 2017 :)

Hi everyone! *waves* :)

I haven't posted properly in a whie as I took a break over Christmas to have the heart checks and all - just have the ultrasound scan to be done by the end of January but for those of you who've been through these sorts of things,I sailed through the ETT (exercise tolerance test/treadmill) a fortnight ago with no issues. I only asked the doc to stop as it was getting rediculously warm!

Anyhow,no issues apart from one that isn't serious,is apparently common for those with the chest deformity that I have - called a right bundle branch block (or RBBB in med speak!). What that basically means is that due to the narrow space between my breastbone and heart on my right side,the left ventricles of the heart do twice the workload. Just have to be aware of it and adjust accordingly if there's any pain whilst on a run,but to build slowly and gradually. So that's what I'm doing and got back out there on Tuesday morning for my first run of the year. It was okay! Snowy and icy conditions here mean I'm hoping to be back out tomorrow or Sunday,safety first!

I have a goal in mind for this year - am I mad?! Possibly but want to do this!

This week has been the best I've felt in a long while,hoping that mentally the clouds are beginning to lift :) Had horrible insomnia over the festive period and early into 2017 but fixing that now. Do wear a HRM but think I'll be switching to a wireless one as the strap is giving me serious tightness on a run.

Happy running year everyone,


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Good to see your name again MrSparkles, and well done for deciding to go for the Glasgow race. It'll be great to have that as a goal.

Happy running :)


Glad to hear that tests are going well , lovely results so far


Sounds good! Very reassuring that you're being given the all clear health-wise. Happy running!


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