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Summer heat wave

I am planning on a 12 Klm long run on Thursday morning and a hilly parkun at a local winery based parkrun on Saturday at 7AM. Trouble is that the overnight temperatures in the next few days is 25C and the daytime temps are between 34-36C. We are on the East Coast so this is actually quite a bit cooler than other places further inland. I think I will do my run/walk longrun down on the Pacific ocean at 5AM and I will walk the winery parkrun (have breakfast in it's restaurant) . I HATE summer , but I do wonder how our American and Canadian friends cope with their winter???

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Phew - too hot for me!! I really prefer running (well doing anything!) In cooler weather, one of the reasons I live in Scotland! Best of luck with your runs.


Good luck with that - and enjoy breakfast.


Definitely Hot then! Trying to run in 28deg on holiday was way too hot for me, so I take my hat off to you running in that! Being a winery, a nice small glass of red with the breakfast? Maybe too early! A mug of tea or coffee then! Whatever! try and enjoy!😁

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Hot... I wanted to read this, because it bitterly cold here today!

Enjoy the breakfast and the walk anyway x


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