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The bunny is back!

I would like to first say a hugh thank you to everyone on this forum for all their inspirational posts, support and advice given to me over the last year. I, like many never thought I could run further than the bus stop but with gradual progress with the C25K program I managed to run my first 10k last July. Unfortunately for some strange reason when I returned from my holiday in August (and I did run a couple of times while away) I just fell off the wagon, lost my mojo, energy and enthusiasm for running and the gremlins set in. So I sought solace from the forum and discovered this malais had hit others so I gave myself a mental kick up the backside and donned trainers at beg of Dec and off I went. To my great surprise I was not as heavy legged as I'd imagined and with a sensible training pattern,as recommended, I'm back on track and couldn't be happier. As only us girls know a few new running outfits from lovely hubby for Christmas has spurred me on yet further so I've signed for a half marathon in October and hopefully will train effectively to manage it. So it only leaves me to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and best wishes for a fun and injury free running 2017..... my bunny tail is a-twitching!!

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Happy New Year Bunny! great that you've signed up to a HM! here's to a good running year ahead :)


What a lovely inspirational story, well done for getting back out there and a half marathon- wow!

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So glad that you have got back into running and your motivation is high. All the best with the training for the HM - what a great goal to set yourself :)


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