** Exciting new 10k challenge coming πŸ…πŸ…πŸ… **

Hello everyone, myself, and our little team of administrators Realfoodieclub and poppypug have decided to introduce a new challenge that you can join πŸ…

We will be running a 6 week Bridge to 10k challenge that you can sign up to. We will post once a week on here and give you pointers as to what you need to be doing. I can be as prescriptive as you would find useful to get you to that 10k. This is really exciting and a great way to get that 10k graduate badge πŸ…

If you are interested in joining please reply and I will add your name. I will be launching this on the 9th of January so you can get the festivities out of the way first!! It will then be on a rolling programme with some tweaks as we learn how to get this right!

I cant wait to get this going and I hope you may find it helpful,



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  • I'm in 😁😁😁

  • Count me in please, been a bit lost since finishing c25k so would love some pointers to get to 10k πŸ˜€

  • Set yourself a target, I've put myself down for a 10 miler end of Feb. Everybody from the guys at great run local who I run 5k on Sundays with to people on here advised I set goals and its taken 12 months to sink in but now I'm focused it works!

  • Looking forward to it ju-ju- it's a great time of year to start something positive.

  • Count me in too please.

  • Me too

  • Amazing....I'm in too. Missed my last time target for 10 k which was end November....in fact just released that going through an older post of mine on here! But am still hopeful of making it before the year ends...in any case will be glad to continue with that distance in the new year as well and I'm sure it will be more fun and easier with all of you chipping in with advice

  • Yes good ideaπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸ½πŸƒπŸ½

  • Yes please - keep trying different bridge to 10k plans but not getting very far - count me in

  • Nervously, I will put my name down!

  • I would love to join the challenge please. I will definitely need some discipline to get me back into running after Christmas!

  • Count me in :)

  • Great idea JJ, I'm in x

  • I'll do it. I have a 10k booked for end Feb and would like to train properly for it.

  • Up for that! Thank you very much for taking this on. You three are such heroes for all you do around here.

    I haven't run as far as 10k for a couple of months and I am entered for the Balmoral10k in April which apparently includes a Horrible Hill so I really need to pull my socks up (hard with these wee trainer socks...) and get my skates on (which is a bit of challenge in running life too).

  • Ha ha - you just made me laugh out loud. I'm trying imagine somewhere flat in the highlands....

  • Me too please. I have also been a bit lost since graduating c25k and would appreciate the help. Thanks

  • I've got to.

  • Great stuff. Like others I'm a bit uncertain after C25k and a programme to follow would be so helpful!

  • Yes please, I will need a good challenge to get over all of the stollen and through January!

  • Im in, been running my 5k since i graduated but had hoped to start 10k in Jan so this is perfect :)

  • Very timely posting, Was just searching around to improve my running. Can you add me to the list!!

  • OK, newbie question...is it 10K distance, or 60 minutes continuous running in the same vein as C25K gets you to 30 minutes? I ask because I am quite slow, (5K in 41mins), and 10K at that speed is going to take quite a lot of time!

  • its the 10k distance.... but you may prefer to aim for 60 minutes and that is also a great goal... :)

  • I might start and see how I get on! I was ill over Christmas and I am building up again.

  • Yes please. 2017 - the year of the 10k!

  • Oh go on then.........

  • Great idea - count me in.. just completed C25K and was thinking of entering a 10K around mid March, so fits in well with this. Also gives me few weeks of using the stepping stones pod casts that I'm enjoying. Thanks Ju-Ju

  • Yes please!! Still trying to get to 10k.

  • Put my name down please.

  • Count me in!

  • Will be following the posts - great idea to keep motivation up. Looking forward to running first 10k race in April (unless I can find one earlier - but all races are a long way from where I live!) - so need to keep up fitness and confidence. Thanks Ju-Ju :)

  • Yes please count me in. πŸ˜€

  • PS - thanks a million for doing this - it's really kind of you

  • ignore last question, just seen this again, thats fab

  • Hi

    Please count me in. I am hoping to run the Birmingham 10K 30th April so this will be really useful.

  • Please count me in

  • I'd be keen to do this challenge! I did a 10K in June, but am working back up to another 10K at the beginning of February, so I'd welcome some virtual running buddies!

  • Yes please - graduated c25k in November- been doing 3 x 5k per week since - by January will be ready for the next challenge! Thank you for your continued support x

  • Me too please. I graduated in September - still running every second day but miss the structure and camaraderie of C25K. Planning a 10k race in the new year.

  • Perfect timing. Me please?

  • Please count me in! πŸ‘ŸπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • I'd like to join please. I've been doing park runs and am planning to do race for life 10 k in the summer. I am managing the distance, but cannot run it all yet.

  • Please count me in as I would like to begin to progress to 10k

  • Hi is there an update on this post please ju-ju- , worried i may have missed something :(

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