found myself with a spare day in the lovely town of Tullamore Ireland, so as it's the second week of my 10 miler training I had to run/walk for 40 minutes, I used walkjogrun to plot a route around a local castle grounds, little did I know it would be unmarked, through an ankle deep in mud farm and past some young bulls. I managed to run most of it apart from past the bulls lol. (one hand on the fence). I recall juicy ju enthusing the benefits of trail running and I must agree its better than roads. I've switched back to minimalist Nike fly knit trainers to help my calf and achilles pain and it's working. I will only use my asics now for the long runs.

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  • Fond memories of that place :)

    Tullamore Dew and the Town Majorettes at a Band Festival....

    Life hasn't been all bad :)

  • Like John, tullamore dew was also the first thing that came to my mind. But in absence of whisky it sounds like the second best way to spend the time.

  • Hi, just wondered how the Nike fly knit trainers help. Am struggling a little with achilles and calves after an injury 2 years ago.

  • Hi aldliib, I originally bought them for the treadmill but then thinking I was doing the right thing I bought some asics after getting a gait analysis. The problem is that over the years of desk jobs my achilles and calves have shortened and now they need re stretching so along with some daily heel deop exercises off a step and fortnightly ultrasound I've been advised to run minimal ie with a low heel. The fly knits are super comfy and cool, I love them and it's working for me, don't get me wrong I limp when I walk but once running it goes away.

  • Thats interesting. I bought Asics after a gait analysis 3 years ago as was told I was a 'neutral' runner. Was fine til I started marathon training running 5 times a week. I also sit alot during the day and developed tendonitus as a result so had to stop running (could hardly walk) and do months of physio stretches to recover. Restarted training in Aug this year and am now up to 10k but achilles niggles have started again. Will try the minimal thing and see how that goes. Thanks for your reply x

  • Went out today for a nice run and was limping before I started but within 200m of running the pain in the achilles went away, again wearing the Nikes. Normally after the run I'm limping really bad as everything tightens up but not today, maybe I'm on to something

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