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Musings on B210K podcast, mud and steps


Sun was forecast, it peeped its little face out, I was ready for it and off I went. Deliberately looking for trail-shoe-friendly mud.

I tried the B210K podcast. Didn’t like it at all. The music was the wrong tempo and I didn’t want to walk when it told me to, I wanted to run. Also didn’t like the music (due to my advanced age) so I turned it off and listened to Ted Talks. I passed other runners I know twice and stopped to talk, then ran to some steps I completely failed to run up a few weeks ago and had another go. (What has happened to me ?!!) Got to the top...just. Basically walked the last 1 or 2. Then plodded slowly home as that was all I had left in me. 5.5km done so total for this year is now 43km.

Photo of muddy Peak District included for those in NZ (and elsewhere) who are missing it!

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Well done Baddie - especially for those steps! As for the podcast, well sometimes we do better going our own way 😀

BaddieThePirateGraduate10 in reply to JonathanP

Thank you. Madness!


Aaaaw! Baddie lovely photo thank you and great timing I’m just waiting for my breakfast to settle before heading out for my first 8k and came on here for inspiration. That worked for me 👍

BaddieThePirateGraduate10 in reply to lexi6

Happy 8k day. I'm off to bed!

Ooh steps...That’s tough! Great to see the improvement though isn’t it?


Yes, last time I only made it half way up 👍


I've not used podcasts, I'm kind of happy at my own speed and deciding how fast or how far I'm going to go once I'm out there. Faster runs really don't agree with me. It is fantastic when you return to a failed hill and manage it, really good feeling to know you're improving and I'm kind of using that as my way of measuring rather than improving speed! I'm also in the muddy Peak District so your photo is my kind of terrain. I finally got my first trail shoes and getting to the point where I'm nearly ready to experience a bit of mud! Just going to wait until the snow and ice are gone and get that first 10km ticked off first :-) Playing it safe, my limbs are not co-operating in general with the masterplan!


That's a great name happysouls. Limbs can be like that, you'll get there. Good luck with your 10km then happy mudding!

Great photo BTP. And steps???? Only just tried a few hills and calves are still shouting at me. But steps???


It's the Jolly Joggers' fault. I went out with them and saw one of them run the lot. Then I did 39 steps up to my friends' the other day and wondered if I could do the big set of steps that I failed on last year. I ALMOST did them. 5m further on there are a few more. I didn't manage the extra 5m and the last few. Maybe eventually...?!!

Sorry to hear you didn't get on with your podcast... but it sounds like you did all right just relying on your own resources. Great run, lovely photo and how brave of you to attempt, and conquer, steps.

BaddieThePirateGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

I was so torn between putting a photo of mud or a photo of steps...

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