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Bridge to 10K
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Making Progress

It's been hard fitting runs in recently - it's so bloomin' dark most of the time except during working hours! So felt very chuffed with myself for running 7k this morning in the wintry sunshine. It was really beautiful - very cold and frosty but with bright orangey sunlight.

I've signed up for my first 10k on Saturday March 4th in the Olympic park in Stratford. There are 10ks there the first Saturday of every month.

Happy running all!

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The weather and daylight hours are proving a real challenge to keep on running, especially to a newbie like me! Well done on getting out for 7k. I need to do this distance again as well. A 10k in March will give you a focus to keep training over the winter. You have plenty of time to get from 7k to 10k. Sounds like a challenge to look forward to.

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Head torches are great for overcoming the limitations of darkness ;-)

Well done for signing up to that 10k. It's a great motivation to have a specific goal.

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