Rain stopped play πŸ˜”

Rain stopped play πŸ˜”

I have to go to an event this morning which could go on into the afternoon so woke up early and stumbled around the bedroom locating my running gear. It took some effort to get ready to assemble all I needed - neck warmer, hat, gloves, head torch etc. Thought I would let my dog out into the garden and guess what, it is lashing down. I am a keen runner but getting wet in the dark on my planned 8 km run, no. Note to self, it is getting towards winter, always check the weather forecast beforehand!

Never mind, chance of rain diminishes later on so I will be going out! Have you ever had a failed run attempt and what stopped you from heading out??

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  • I'm just willing myself to head out to parkrun now, as I promised Jacs-W we'd do virtual parkrun together this morning! I've cancelled a run because of rain before but the times I've managed to drag myself out it's always been an exhilarating experience... But lack of daylight on top of that would maybe put me off all the more... Wondering at the moment whether to wear waterproof trousers as well as jacket... And resigning myself to ending up with wet feet!

  • Hi Ruth_canal_runner ! Ive done it, thanks for running with me at a distance, its what got me out there in the rain, hope you had a good Park-run too πŸ˜€ I shall share a post shortly xxxx

  • Yay you did it! I was out there too, armed with tissues and lockets. Waiting for my email now. I look forward to reading your post :)

  • Well done Ruth, you are definitely back in to running now xxx

  • I cancelled a race in summer because the run would have been at midday and thectemperatures were around 38 degrees. Just didn't fancy running in those temperatures. A rainstorm with lightening would stop me in my tracks too.

  • Hi there

    Yes crap weather here also so abandoned park run!!


  • Soooo tempted to stay in bed this morning with the torrential rain beating the Windows.... But I did the Park run and got a new personal best, cutting 25 seconds off my time! I think I was highly motivated to get out of the rain!

    I probably wouldn't do a run in the dark and torrential rain, although a little drizzle is fine πŸ˜€. Heat is more likely to put me off, like boptillyoudrop49

  • Amazing you even got a pb! I came 91 out of 96 runners but I'm still chuffed I went out :)

  • Checked forecast yesterday evening which said heavy rain for this morning, so I cancelled my run for today, it was lashing down.. I don't mind getting caught out in it, but I won't go out if raining..😊

  • I have been so blessed with the weather, I took it for granted. If it rains while I A I'm already on a run, fair enough, but I won't set off in the rain

  • No problems if it starts to rain once I'm out but I hate stepping out in to rain - much more likely to go back to bed.

  • Only failed run attempts with me, were ice, and most recently falling over a small coffee table and breaking a couple of ribs :)

  • Fitting in my runs with work and family committments is already tricky so often I don't have the choice to delay ! I do remember one particularly horrible windy wet run last year where I really should have let sense prevail, but I did feel quite virtuous that I had still gone! Generally speaking, I will brave the rain. Ice and snow is trickier of course.

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