Running streak?

Running streak?

I wanted to do a run every day challenge last year but as I was a new runner then, decided to wait. It is still something I would like to try but not sure what distance I would run every day - I currently run three times a week (2 x 5 and a 10). Also, no rest days, would my legs be ok?

How about running in January 2017 at 3 km every day (TOTAL weekly of 21 which is roughly what I do already)? Anyone tried it themselves, what tips or warnings do you have?

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  • Start small and build it up? I run 5-6 times a week for about 8-10k each run and I've been fine but I do always run on soft ground and I find having one rest day a week feels like the right thing to do. If you are having no rest day at all , I'm not sure how to go about it other than making 1 run very short.

    My only tip would be if a run feels hard, you are probably overtraining and if so, I'd take a full week off. I'm happy with my running at the moment, getting stronger and it is feeling easy but you know what running is like - something can throw a spanner in the works any time. Just monitor yourself and be prepared to step down at any sign of trouble.

  • Wow Bop, that is a great weekly mileage you are putting in there! I am very impressed.☺Even if I could squeeze in all those runs, I think my body would complain. You must be super strong now - well done!

  • This subreddit might be of interest to you:

    People have committed to running a minimum of a mile a day (often more) as a way of still allowing them to have 'rest' days. A tempting idea.

  • i believe ju-ju- is the expert streaker around these parts, i think she been doing it for nearly 6 months now!

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