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for the first time since I started back in May I am struggling. Went to Lanzarote and did 2 x 5k just to keep ticking over got home and did a midweek 7 k but struggled with s pain in the to right hip / buttock but put it down to getting back into it. Walked with a limp the next day. Rested for a week and ent to fo a 5 k but had to stop just over 4 k and walked back.

Any advice how long should I rest and what could it be?

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Hard to say Ian. The pain could be coming from your hamstrings or your back. Are you stretching? It could be tight muscles in your glutes. Try stretching this area or sitting on a tennis ball. If that doesn't work then perhaps a visit to a sports physio or your GP would be the next step.

If you search here you'll get lots of posts about this as it crops up quite frequently! There are some good stretches to copy. Keep us posted and I hope you find out the cause.

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Doe's pain radiate down leg? could be sciatica, slipped disc, piriformis syndrome.. RICE, mainly rest and if it keeps up see your doc..hope it doesn't last too long..


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