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Running's helped me walk!

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So, it's a gorgeous sunny autumn day today and I'm working. :(

I was off yesterday and went for a walk minus the gorgeous sunshine. My son and I climbed Ben Vrackie. Here I am with Martha the Idiotdog.

I've been up Ben Vrackie a few times but not since I started running. It was such a lovely surprise yesterday to find it so much easier than on previous occasions. It was like someone had shifted the mountain and reduced the gradient considerably.

We did get to the top but of course there was no view. In spite of that it was a lovely walk. Mist is very beautiful and atmospheric in its own way.

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aah Martha the idiotdog looks a sweetie! you're right it does definitely feel easier once you've been running a while! all those strong legs getting to work! well done Anne, it looks pretty there :)

my day off here and rain all day! :(

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She is a sweetie really so her crimes are always forgiven...


It is a very pleasant surprise to find these things easier. I often go to the Alps (being based in Munich) and have noticed a huge difference a) in the time I need to haul myself up an alpling and b) in how many breaks I need. Very satisfying!

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Munich is a lovely city. We were there last year, just briefly, but loved it. Have you tried running up the steps of St Peter's church tower? That would be good hill training!

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Too many tourists in the way😎 Well that's my excuse!


I know what you mean, it's a great feeling to improve fitness πŸ˜€ I walked 10 miles along the Thames path the other day and it was hugely easier than it would have been a the beginning of the year. No gradient to worry about there, thank goodness


Yes it does! They combine well to make us fitter and slimmer. The dogs too 😊

Loving these autumnal days. Might regret saying that as it's windy but it's a run day. Bright though 😊


That looks like my kind of walk!

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