It worked - photo up the right way!!!

It worked - photo up the right way!!!

I emailed the healthunlocked helpline regarding the problem with photos posting upside down and sideways instead of the right way. The reply came promptly, the very next day saying that iphones and tablets were not compatible with the software and that morning there had also been some problems with laptops and posting photos. As it happened, on my run this morning, I took four photos of the same view turning my iPhone 90 degrees each time. Tonight I saved them on the laptop and tried posting a photo and hey presto it worked! Which one worked...I hear you say.... only the landscape photo worked and here it is!

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  • Lovely. I can't post the right way up from my android phone, but my iPad and computer are fine!? At least you have come up with a solution, albeit a bit of a convoluted one!☺

  • well done! worth the hassle for the lovely photo! :)

  • Idyllic! Lovely view

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