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My god it was chilly this morning!!

6 am and the running gear is on, complete with gloves and I stepped out into the cold. Part of me thought, "Go back to bed" but I persevered with a 45 minute fartlek session around the streets of my village. Saw the orange hue of the sky as the sun slowly appeared and got home in time to say goodbye to Mrs J who was just off to work. Great way to start the day (although perhaps not every morning!!! ) :)

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Good for you for getting out first thing. Yes, I've been thinking about getting the gloves out now. A sure sign of winter!


I warm up in the house first so I get hot before heading out for the brisk warm up walk. you soon acclimatise to the cold shock. strange but true 😊

It's good to be out to see the dawn break. I don't do it often though 😊