Super reflective but super noisy

I run on unlit country lanes so I've bought an all over reflective jacket. It really lights up when a car headlight hits it which is just what I wanted but it is soooo noisy! Has anyone found one that is all over reflective but doesn't scare the horses (literally in this case!) Is there a soft flexible version available anywhere?

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  • The noise of my my wife's jacket drives me nuts when walking with her, my Nike running jacket is a tad noisey but I ignore it and forget about it. Could listen to music through headphones? Have read that woven nylon ripstop material is noiseless, or maybe better to wear a hiviz tabard, could try them on first in a shop for the rustling noise, shop staff will probably think your nuts!πŸ˜‚

  • That's hilarious!!! I bought a tabard from Lidl which isn't too noisy!!!

  • You may want to check into some of the reflective Sam Browne-style belts for motorcyclists :)

  • Does it make the noise when it lights up or is it just a rustly jacket?

  • :) Could be just the deafening squeak of my knees I guess!

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