Reflective running gear- any good stuff out there??

Hi all, hope you don't mind me picking your brains but I'm in the market for reflective running gear so I can join the night runs without getting mown down! I've been online but some of the stuff says ' hi viz' but it's just bright yellow- I need the proper light up stuff !! Any ideas gratefully received.πŸš¦πŸŒƒπŸš™πŸš¨πŸŒ πŸƒπŸƒπŸ”¦

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  • Apart from proper hi-viz gear, if you go to the pound shops you can pick up cycling reflective strips (you know the ones that snap round your arm?) at two for a pound. I bought four of these last year and snap them round each and wrist before I go out. I don't notice them and they are an extra.

    Sorry I can't help with the hi-viz stuff though - hope you find something.

  • Thanks Annie, cracking idea. I'll have a look when I'm next in the town!

  • Try Aldi they have running gear in at the moment, including cap with built in lights, works very good at night.

  • I got one of those across body strap things that cyclists wear in Sports Direct. Also got an armband with flashing leds there as well. Cyclist stuff seems to offer more choice than running gear

  • Thanks Sharon, that's a good idea.

  • I have a high vis reflective mesh tabard I got from Lidl, it's not sexy but it does the trick!!!!

  • I love lidl- wish we had that shop here. I'll ask my sister to keep an eye out in Belfast for running stuff in lidl, thanks!

  • I bought the hi-viz vest from Aldi last week. It doesn't have reflective strips on it but I did buy some flashy lights in their running sale too. Wore the vest tonight and it was very comfortable. Not too hot with a short sleeve top under it. Hope you find something suitable.

  • I got the Aldi cap with LEDS on the brim. The flickering arm bands can be bought cheaply. Most running jackets have reflective strips on them these days, and your trainers probably have as well

    Apparently luminous pink running gear shows up better than the yellow. I read it somewhere online

  • You've discovered that there is a difference between hi-vis and reflective. For night use you need reflective. Hi-vis on it's own is useless. Likewise, reflective doesn't make you stand out in the day time. The industry tends to confuse the two terms.

    If money is no object - look at the website. Some of their gear is very reflective. Be careful, however, as some of the jackets are also very "boil in the bag" i.e. they've concentrated on reflectivity at the expense of useability (or so I've been told).

    Th other way of letting yourself be seen at night is to use lights (led or electroluminescent). Reflective only works if someone shines a light on it. Lights make you visible even if there is no other light. Are you running offroad and want the visibility to be found if you have an accident. In that case use leds or electroluminescent. If your concern is car drivers not seeing you at night - use reflective.

  • I bought some reflective armbands with leds in aldi Β£4 for two

  • Think it depends on where you are running in the dark. I am used to walking 2 horses down an unlit road at night and we have to be seen. High vis vests the type with the thick silver reflective strips on are dazzling with car headlights on. The vests are cheap to buy and very thin so perfect for running. If you are running past driveways where someone may be reversing out they will not see you in the vest (only headlights will catch the reflection) so the flashing strips would be a good addition (got mine from Aldi) But of course one of these high vis vests and a head torch you will be seen about 100 yards away so perfect !! :) Be aware the reflective nature of these vests can rub off after time (more likely with horses as I have to wash them more) Here is a photo of the type I mean, a zip would be better than Velcro !


  • Just the job- my birthdays next week so I'm passing the info on in the hope of useful presents

  • The ones with velcro are much cheaper but think a zip is worth the extra cost ! Happy birthday for next week !! :)

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