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Many moons ago Realfoodieclub wrote a post about the sitting to standing test and what it tells you about your health. You sit down on the floor and get up again without using your hands. If you can do that you get 10 points, if you have to use a hand, knee, lose your balance etc. you lose points. I could get down alright, but there was no way I could get back up again without a push from one hand. 9 points is still OK, but it bugged me that there just seemed to be no way to shift my bottom from the ground. Every now and then I give it a go. Trying to haul my knees closer to my body, trying to get my feet flat on the ground, crossing my legs as much as possible and pushing up from the sides of my feet, experimenting with technique but always being thwarted.

This morning I did it! Will practise some more so it gets easier - I do not want to be beaten by a silly test!

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  • I've been the same since watching that flipping programme, and I still can't do it!!! So huge well done to you... 😎

  • Great to hear! Supposedly you will now live much longer :-) :-)

    I'm trying to convince everybody in my running club to do it :-) They think I'm crazy!

  • Mmmmmmm..............not convinced that you have improved your health, perhaps just the muscle flexibility and control to carry out the exercise..........but what do I know?

  • Quite a lot really! Of course, you're right - but it still bugged me not being able to do it!

  • Have to agree on this...!

  • I'm with you. However, I think a lot of what this test is supposed to show you (this is me not having read anything about it, but having tried it due to someone else's advice) is something about your weight. So, if your weight has dropped and that was a factor in your inability to stand up then there might be to it...?

  • Quite apart from the challenge of the test - actually, the exercise of lying on the floor and then getting up (any way at all) WITHOUT using physical aids like chairs, tables ,etc is a REALLY IMPORTANT exercise to do regularly. Not only does it help with improving core strength, but as a FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE it practices something that we all one day will have to do in earnest. Many older people fall - and then cannot get back onto their feet!!!!!!

  • I seem to practise that regularly - fell flat on my face only last week. Don't have any problems getting back up. It's a bit of a silly way to practise though!

  • I don't have a habit of doing it though... :)

  • I often do it by necessity, usually getting up from sitting on the floor , and have my hands full of something :)

  • Go you... and.. this is where I do boast a tiny little bit.. I could do it after the TV programme about it and still can... :) Yeay The Grey Snail can do something after all :)

  • The grey snail can do rather a lot actually. Here are just a few examples: write poems, draw pictures, run 5k in under 30 mins, ramble and run😈😎

  • Oh yes.. forgot that! I am not a complete doob..:) Thanks youx

  • Wear silly clothes, assert oneself, embarrassing your kids, and that is only the beginning.....

  • tee hee..oh yes!

  • Did this TV program told you how to do it? Is there a trick to it?

  • No either can or not..or as Yoda, or do not..there is no try πŸ˜‰

  • Improve core strength and keep trying. But mostly you either can or you can't!

  • Me too😊

  • Well done you! Me too! At the age of 51, I probably spend more time sitting on the floor than my teenage sons! (A habit I got in to years ago when my back was playing up). I can still get up from cross legged with no hands, although maybe not so effortlessly as I used to! Use it or lose it, I guess!☺

  • Wow well done, that's brilliant.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Both my kids can do it easily but I'm way too stiff and inflexible. However, you've inspired me to give it another go. Wish mt luck :)

  • OK, so if you have that one sussed, can you balance on one leg for a full minute with your eyes shut?

  • Probably not!

  • 30 seconds with my eyes shut, wobbling about, but forever with my eyes open..... πŸ˜‚

  • I can write my name with a pencil held between my toes too! yep.. just put that out there.. :)

  • I used to have big problems getting up even from sitting on the couch... due to depression ilness my muscles slackened off, and when working on the car and being on the ground was a problem getting up.. would struggle! But, not any more! not since I've got well and excercise more with running..😊

  • WHAT ? Without using your hands?..... Ok, let's try.........

    Ha! I used my hands to sit down.......

    Nope, can't get up......

    Tried to roll back and forth..... Nothing.....

    No way... Can't do it.

    Ok, why don't we make it a challenge? :

    - Who can do it by Christmas -

  • Well done - I'm seriously impressed. I've tried this too sporadically but it seems an impossible feat to me. But I do find it easier to get up from the floor than I used to ! :-)

  • Try hauling your legs in really close to your body and push up on the sides of your feet. I think the trick is to get your centre of gravity as far over your legs/feet as possible and then just use thigh power. Having said that I still need alot of practice, tried again yesterday and it seemed impossible again!

  • This makes sense JaySeeSkinny

  • I'll wait till I'm on my own and have another go - not holding my breath though πŸ˜€ 3 dogs trying to assist makes it impossible πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Thank you all! I didn't even see the blimmin programme but saw this post and thought to myself ' sounds easy enough'. I now see that it only sounds easy πŸ˜‚

  • I couldn't do this after watching that show either, but will keep trying now that you have proved its possible jaysee πŸ˜„x

  • You know what you have started JaySeeSkinny ? πŸ˜ƒ

    We are all going to spend the weekend on the floor trying to stand up, ahrrrr ahrrrr-ing, then trying to stand on one leg, eyes shut, wobbling and collapsing, then trying to write our names holding a pencil between our toes....... Pulling our tongue out.....

  • Yes, I'm very sorry! But think of the great sense of achievement when we all manage it. I am single-handedly responsible for improving the fitness of dozens of people πŸ˜‚ At least stastically!

  • Brilliant! The programme was very interesting. I can't do it! nhs2015 good idea to have a challenge but not sure if I could do it by Christmas!

  • Yes Christmas is a bit too early, me think.

    Yesterday while Marchalling at Parkrun, I did the "standing on one leg bit", with my eyes open of course, but was surprised how I got the idea of central gravity, and also that my calfs did hurt a bit so obviously it is doing something good.

    We could always update with what we did so far by New Year.

  • Supposedly it is a predictor of mortality

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