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Fab parkrun @ Cardiff

Thanks for your advice, Rere2016, Cardiff was an AMAZING parkrun. I think the scenery was particularly spectacular with the trees turning golden but I guess that every season has something to offer in this lovely location 😀

I got the family up at 5:30 to get there and , boy, was it worth it !

We're off to another uni visit in Lincoln this weekend but not sure I can get up early enough to get there from the Reading area :-( perhaps I can find one 'on the way'

My name's Biscuit and I'm a parkrun addict 😂

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Got to love a bit of parkrun tourism!

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Hi Biscuit- apologies for the late reply!

I'm glad you enjoyed Parkrun Cardiff!

It is quite beautiful with the fallen yellow tree leaves, although I tend to think of them as more of an Occupational hazard, having previously gone ooops and slipped! But I do love the sights as you go past- the cottage, the the river and bridge, the secret summer tea house.

The only other Parkrun that I've been to is Tredegar House in Newport, which is set in beautiful grounds, but quite a bit more muddy and with more inclines than Cardiff. It was a good shock to my system as you can get a bit complacent always doing 'your' Parkrun. Parkrun Tourisim sounds like a fab idea!

Which has been your favourite Parkrun so far?

My friend has gone to Florida and is hoping to try out their 7:30am Parkrun. I do wonder if there'll be people dressed up as Minnie and Mickey as they run :)


Florida sounds amazing! I'm just a beginner at Parkrun tourism, I've done the one in Newbury a couple of times. It's on the old Greenham Common airbase and involves a run across the runways, very exposed when the winds blowing!

And I've also run the Southsea parkrun in Portsmouth. Got my PB for Parkrun there as it's 2.5k along the esplanade and 2.5k back!

'My' parkrun is Woodley in Reading, it's 3 times around the park, avoiding the kids with their Saturday football, it's only 300/350 people and a lovely supportive atmosphere! (And only slopes not hills!)

But to answer your question, Cardiff's the best location so far 😀

Happy running!!


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