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Question about parkrun Cardiff

Hi all

Have any of you run the Cardiff Parkrun? I'm hoping to get there this weekend as part of our uni open day visit. It says there are 3 possible car parks and then says that they may have restrictions and charges - but not what they are!!! I suspect that the Tescos which is right next to the start would be dischuffed to have hundreds of park runners descending ?

Any advice/tips?

By the way, delighted to be able to use one of my favourite words, dischuffed (well one of my fave non-sweary ones...)


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Hello. I run parkrun Cardiff every weekend. It's fine to park in Tesco- they allow it because a great deal of the park runners then tip up to their cafe for coffee and cake, along with those than go on to do their weekly shop.

Park run for me is half hour of running followed by 2 hrs in Tesco Costa, followed by a browse of their active wear. It's become an expensive habit 😂

But yes, feel free to park in Tesco, it's the easiest option. Try and park by quarter to, then walk left along western ave until you get to the bute park steps.

Enjoy! And remember to bring along your barcode


Thanks so much Rere2016 , really looking forward to the run 😀 Isn't it great we can connect on this great forum??


Sounds like fun... enjoy... :)

Love the word by the way.. I make up loads .. may I use your 'dischuffed' please? :)


Absolutely !!!! Happy to share 😂

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