nausea toward end of 10k caused by water?

I suffered some nausea about the last 1-2k from the end of The Croydon 10k, which put me off from trying a good sprint at the end in case I did actually vomit. I know runners sprint regardless of vomiting, but I'm not going to make myself ill just to gain some time.

So, have been trying to work out why I would feel like this, and the only thing I can put my finger on is because I took on some water offered at the water station 6-7k in. I didn't feel exactly thirsty as wasn't an exceptionally warm morning, and felt fine. I took it just to refresh the mouth and drank almost a beaker full. Maybe I should avoid taking (forcing down)water if I don't really need it and will watch this in future. Has anyone else had this problem when taking water?😊

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  • Not had this problem with water but felt very sick when out on a long hill walk once. A friend suggested it was low blood sugar and I should try to eat something. The nausea away after eating so I suspect she was right. Could it have been a blood sugar dip towards the end of the race?

  • Possibly... But I did have a banana 1-2 hrs before I started and a couple of plain biscuit's earlier to that.. maybe not enough food?

  • Ive had this with water too Dave !

    I think I am that worried that I don't drink enough in races , so I tend to sometimes drink too much and this can make me feel very sick .

    Its all a learning curve I think, you find out what works and what doesn't xxx

  • Pops, I think you may have hit the nail on the head! so yes a learning curve for me on the longer distance.. have read since that if well hydrated to start with, then water shouldn't be nessacary upto 10k unless a very warm day..😊

  • You were probably pushing harder than you thought Dave and maybe the nerves/excitement build up added to the yucky tummy. I doubt a glass of water would make you feel ill but I'm sure others will be along to share their experiences.

    When I did my first 10K I nearly threw up over the finish line 😝 and a running friend told me afterwards that experienced runners nearly always throw up because they push themselves so hard!

    So, maybe you should treat it as a badge of honour 😊

  • Yes, have nearly thrown up at Parkrun when I've been sprinting against someone over the finish line, so in a way it was worth it as I beat them! 😁

  • The things we do for running 😏

  • I did the Plymouth 10k on Sunday and took water with me, I've never run with water before and have to admit it made me feel sick too....but felt pretty good apart from that, might try again...

  • Ah Nat! You as well! No it hasn't put me off I enjoyed the run route, so will also do it again, be good to put a lid on the sickness though..😊

  • I stopped to have drink on Sunday morning and within about 15 mins felt a bit full and nauseaous for a while. Things were sloshing around in my stomach and I didn't even drink that much! I decided sips are the way forward, I didn't feel dehydrated (was up to about 14km by then) but my mouth felt very dry. All that gasping for air I expect!

  • I decided to take small sips rather than massive glugs.

    I have seen people throwing up after they have really wellied it and gone hell for leather in races.

    It was like that at a race I did last year, plus there were a few people that had collapsed, it was scary to see :-( xxx

  • I must be bizzare. I never drink before going out, and my habit has formed when I get back in I patiently wait for my coffee to be made and then drink two mugs of it. At one point I was kind of struck by the fact that I really don't seem to need much hydration compared to everything I think I know aobut its importance but I guess its an individual thing like so much else..

  • What! not even a Guinness or a Caffrey's John?πŸ˜€

    And you wait patiently for your coffee to be made, do you have a butler or a skivvy? It's so tiring making coffee after a run isn't it! 😁

  • I have only tried it once and that was when I drank some very cold water on a very hot day. It felt good at first - cooled me down and refreshed me - but after a short while running I felt sick. Now I only drink water that has not been cooled and only a mouthful or two. But I'll have to figure out what to do when runs become longer.

  • while it doesn't 'feel' like it immediately, it's been shown - using thermographic equipment - that a hot drink cools you down faster than a cold one to any given comparative temperature after the first fifteen seconds or so. The cold drink feels good right away - but the problem is, it fools the body into thinking it is cooler than it really is. Then the body shuts off its own thermal regulating system...and you start REALLY heating up all over again.

    It's one major factor in the huge consumption of tea by Empire builders in hot climates ;)

  • I've lived in Asia and Africa for years but never learned to appreciate hot drinks in the heat, but you are probably right - there must be some reason why they - at least in Asia - drink so much tea.

  • Have to say, I drank a hell of a lot more cold liquid myself probably than hot in my Asia days - mostly in the form of Gin, Rum, Beer and some truly horrendous local concoctions in some cases :)

  • I had a problem on the Great North Run - and in fact did vomit a couple of times. I've thought about it lots and can't really pin it down, except whilst training on long runs I had carried water and taken small sips along the way whereas then I took some bigger gulps at the water station. Wasn't enough to over hydrate but has made me a bit wary.

  • AR, as rainbow smurf said, could it be a blood sugar dip? If I keep getting it when I control water intake, I'll have a chat with my doctor about it. Please let me know if you pin it down..😊

  • As usual, after reading this, i had to find out about the 'why' of it... :)

    Lots of research and a lot that tend to agree with poppypug 's point about drinking water, but as her majesty, Irishprincess suggested, an awful lot of evidence that pushing too hard, was a significant factor.

    I have not, until a couple of days ago,:) run any significant distances, but immediately before setting out, I always have two sips of water... just a silly routine.:) J I have done this right from starting C25K... so, no help at all really :) Hope it sorts for youx

  • This just came through on my Great South run guide, thought of you:

    "During a run, drink when you need to. Don’t gulp large volumes of fluids if you aren’t

    thirsty – it can result in a condition called hyponatraemia in which your body salts

    become diluted, possibly causing confusion and vomiting."

  • Thank you Ali, nice of you to think of me..think I glugged too much down and didn't need it.. live and learn..😊

  • i've done that before and just felt like its all sloshing around inside! :(

  • If you are well hydrated before your run then you should be fine without any extra fluid on a 10k run, Dave, unless of course it was very hot. To add to the discussion about hot and cold, I usually have a pint of extremely dilute ie. 1:6, apple juice before a run and just take the edge off the water by heating to approximately body temperature. It works for me.

  • Yes, my mistake..lesson learnt..

  • I am interested in all the response as I do feel nausea now and again. I am low blood pressure so I will go for this explanation.

    When I was young I used to do mountain climbing in the Alps and when thirsty we would have a slice of lemon dipped in sugar and suck on it. We were instructed water would "cut your legs" and you wouldn't be able to carry on. We would drink on the summit while resting. Somehow it is always at the back of my mind and i do not drink during a run.

  • Very interesting thanks, I can see, if your naturally low pressure then you can get nausea.. did you climb the Eiger or Matterhorn? I've been up Chamonix, about three quarters up by train.. was excellent! And a great memory of the glacier glistening in the sun..😊

  • Matterhorn? Good lord, too high and steep for me. I was never that good ! 3200 metres is the highest I ever did. I always had this compulsive feeling of wanting to know what is behind the next mountain! Actually I think this is why I enjoy running, I like the beauty of my surroundings and the smells and the freedom it gives......

  • This is really interesting , because whenever I have had my blood pressure taken, it is always on the low side , and sometimes I can feel a bit " wobbly " only for a few seconds and never on a mountain , obvs :-)

    Thanks for that, everyday is a school day on this forum ! :-) xxx

  • Not the gin & tonics making you wobbly then pops?!😁

    Must say I've learnt something from the great info given out as well..😊

  • Haha , not a drop of alcohol passes my lips these days, Dave. Not even a tincture !

    Mind you ,in the past I have drunk enough to sink a few small countries ;-)

    Tea is my drink of choice these days ! :-) xxx

  • Good for you pops!πŸ˜€ I can take it or leave it, says he who has just drank a mint tea, but also partial to a redbush, and of course breakfast tea, Tetleys, PG tips.... and of course Yorkshire tea..😊

  • Oh yes Dave, its Yorkshire Tea for me all the way !

    I do like an odd herbal tea rather than a fruit tea . I like redbush and vanilla and Green Tea and Mint. I don't like Earl Grey, tastes like drinking perfume to my uneducated palate ! :-D xxx

  • I usually cock my little finger when I drink Earl Grey pops!😁 No, I can't get on with EG either, I sometimes indulge though when at The Savoy or Ritz..πŸ˜‚

  • Yes I can imagine , Lord of the Manor , that's you ! :-D

    Oh I had an afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel in Manchester for my Birthday this year, very posh ! It was lovely, the waitress brought all the little finger sandwiches and tiny little cakes on a serving dish, and then warm scones with a towel draped over them . Oh it was fab !

    How the other half live hey ? :-) xxx

  • Very nice! Have worked in The Lanseborough Hotel in Knightsbridge many years ago, which was interesting especially in the busy kitchen..

    Prestige afternoon tea @ £48 or with a glass of champers £67 per person..😊

  • Oh that sounds so interesting Dave !

    Β£48.00 for afternoon tea ! - Gulp ! :-O xxx

  • Finish line vomiting is due to lactic acid. Runners busting a gut in the closing stages of races often do it. We all have a threshold apparently, which when you exceed it, eg under extreme exertion, causes the vomiting.

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