Darkness put a spring in my step!

Darkness put a spring in my step!

Woke up early as I have a busy day today and decided an early 5.30 am run was in order. So dark at that time and street lighting is terrible nowadays too. Decided to run more carefully as I have fallen a few times before and to put a bit more bounce in my step - -not even a stumble today. There are lots of trees in our area and the roots make the tarmac and paving uneven and that worked well for me. Should be getting my head torch tomorrow too so that should help. Any tips for running in the dark?

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  • I run with a Lenser LED running head torch and really like it. It's so dark now even for that, so I took a hand torch with a wrist strap on my run last week to help me negotiate the darker side streets. I shone that on the floor. The head torch was beaming further ahead, if you get me. We are fortunate that our council has just installed some new LED lighting columns on the main road and that is much better than the pitiful low sodium ones.

    You do have to run slower, which is obvious I suppose. Reflective bits on shoes, leggings,,jacket etc. Flickering arm bands are 1.99 a pair from Aldi. My Aldi jacket has loads of reflective bits on it, including the whole front zip. You need to be seen! Other than that, have fun, and here's to a successful winter's running ☺

  • You could try petitioning your local council to make a path like this one:


  • Gosh.. that is early... well done you... I ran last year, Autumn and winter pre- C25K, early but it was sort of not completely dark.. I had a flashing light belt thing. and a head torch... I ran mostly fields and lanes... it was okay...

  • Just got a cool headtorch for my birthday, it is so great, rechargeable, different brightnesses and I can see even on the dimly lit streets and even darker park to run easily. It only cost twenty pounds too. Another bit of running treasure for me to love LOL!!

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