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Now half way through bridge to 10k programme

An unusual running week this week. I abandoned the idea of consecutive runs from the bridge to 10k podcast as they are getting quite long and I don't want an injury. So a short interval run on Monday, a lovely run in Berlin on Tuesday and then nothing until today. Partly because I did a massive hike on Thursday, in total over 30k, and managed to acquire a few blisters and tired legs. Today my legs were still feeling heavy as I staggered bleary eyed out of my bed. But I knew I had to run. And I did, run 2 of week 3, successfully completed. I still have my blisters, but they're not particularly sore and are in very unusual places where they don't bother me much.

Monday is a bank holiday over here. I think I'll try and finish the last run of week 3 then. I'm already looking forward to it😎

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Wow! 30k is a long hike - no wonder you had tired legs and a few blisters! Good luck with that next run.🙂


30k was actually the whole mileage for the day - still quite a bit. I love hiking though and the countryside round here is so gorgeous and varied. Worth a few blisters.

The thought that some people RUN 42k is pretty sobering.

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Great going Jaysee😊... good luck for Monday.x

Think we may just do another fun run today.

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