My Running week

Sorry for those of you who have missed me ;-) I haven't run much in the last 2 weeks so thought I would not bore you with my inane ramblings. Suffice it to say that blisters have curtailed my running, today was my first run in almost 2 weeks. I just went for a gentle 5k and although I managed to survive it I still think I need more time to let my left foot heal properly as I in my last km I could just start to feel as though it was going to get sore. So I will be playing it by ear and just going with the flow for the time being. I just worry about losing my conditioning that has taken me so long to build up. Still those are the breaks. I hope that you are all well and pounding the streets in my absence. Stay injury/blister and illness free and keep on running!

2 Replies

  • Did you ever get your shoes checked in a running shop Mat? It doesn't sound right that you get so many blisters and you must be very frustrated that this is getting in the way of your running.

  • Sorry you're suffering Mat - hope things heal soon!

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