Just discovered this community

Hi all

I have just discovered this community!!

I am currently on the couch 2 5k app, to help me get back into rnning after a couple of knee injuries and then laziness.

I am on week 5 at the moment, so I will soon be graduating and looking to get back into running and increasing my pace.

Though to be honest the biggest thing I can do to increase both pace and stamina is to reduce my excess baggage around my waist!!


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  • Welcome. What are your plans after C25K?

  • Good question..

    To maintain my fitness...

    To develop my fitness further in terms of times and longer distances

    To reduce my bulk (weight)

    Whilst I have lost some weight over the summer, I have not actually been on a diet - as I was concerned that the lack of energy would hinder my running. Saying that whilst there is scope for improvement I have been trying to eat more sensibly.


  • Some great plans there! After you graduate you should consider joining the Quest. It's a six week period when we set our own goals and then post our progress. poppypug posts about it every Monday morning but you can find the link on the right hand side of the C25K page.

  • Blinking Mac, my posts disappear some times with an accidental swipe of the mouse...

    Effing frustrating!!

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