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Smashrun messed up?

Who uses Smashrun? I know a few here do. I've tried to sync my latest run from GC and it wont go. Smashruns blog has a post about how yesterday GC invalidated lots of users passwords, that's why SR can't get our runs apparently...some garble about how you will be prompted to change your GC password when you log in there, that didn't happen to me. Anyone?

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Sorry CG I've not even heard of it! Hope you get it sorted soon though. x


Ah, Smashrun is fun, it's a sort of data crunching app, compares similar runs in a way GC doesn't, you should try it!

Thanks for replying I've sorted it now, I had to log out, change my password, log back in, relink the apps etc etc...


I haven't been on since coming back off holiday. I must go and have a look. I got a bit dissallusioned because I used to love seeing my MET points on a Monday and I was getting a great streak but then forgot to sync for a couple of weeks and lost my streak. Stupidly I get sensitive about these things. Must get back on as the stats are good. Garmin asked for a password reset the other day but I put it to do next time as I was only on my phone so I will look into that as well today, thanks for the heads up.


You can still sync all your runs I think. You won't have lost that data, it will just take you a while to catch up if you know what I mean. I really like Smashrun!


My data seems to all be there, but i sync mine using the Tapiriik website as i dont trust garmin connect to do anything.


It seems to be ok now xx


Hi Curly, just happened on this post.

Garmin wants users to change their passwords to sommat more secure, eg adding a capital letter or a number etc etc.

If you do that then you can sync your run with Smashrun but only after you change your profile in Smashrun to include the new password on Garmin (or they won't be able to find you)

It sounds long-winded but it's not. Give it a whirl and see how you get on.

I got another badge t'other day. Proper chuffed to get a badge me!


Oooh yes I got asked for a more secure password by Garmin !

Hey Get you Miss Wobble, you are fast becoming the Bill Gates of this forum with your pooter trouble shooting skills :-D xxx


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