Park run PB😀 and life after C25k

Just wanted to share my PB news with fellow C25k graduates! My 5th park run today and I managed a time of 33:53 which I was really chuffed with. Early July was my 1st park run and that was 37 mins.

I guess the reason I'm so pleased is because I'd been nervous about running without Laura's structure. Also, work has been busy and it's been hard to find the time to run. But, despite all this, it seems I am making progress, just plodding along, doing 30 minutes when I can.

Have done the C25k+ podcasts several times each and have also run with week 9 a lot. Sometimes I don't listen to anything and recently I've done audiofuel which I've enjoyed.

I'm a little trimmer now I'm running longer distances, which is a good feeling!

Thanks for the continued support and encouragement. I don't take you all on runs anymore but it's great to share my running enthusiasm with other, equally surprised people! Xx

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  • Congrats on your PB, that's a whapping chunk off! Stick with the + podcasts, they really work! When I next go to PR I'm going to run to Stamina!

    Did you buy some Audiofuel tracks? Which did you get? I keep going back to look and not making any decision....

  • Polyrunner 160. Very easy to run to the beat.

  • Well done on your new PB! I totally empathise with the struggle we sometimes have to fit runs in around work - that can me really frustrating. Doesn't seem to have affected your running though!🙂

  • Wow that's a great PB and a magnificent improvement. Well done!

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