Calf guards

Was getting twinges from the calves, so bought a pair of compression sleeves, and have just done over 6k and no twinges and the support felt good on the calves, thought they may have been a tad warm for me to wear, but found them OK in 21deg, which was making me melt away by the end of the run, oh well, what's a little sweat! So they should be good for the colder weather😁

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  • Oooh Ive got some calf sleeves Dave and yes they are warm , theyre a bit of a b***er getting off n'all when its hot !

    Glad to hear theyre doing the trick for you :-) xxx

  • HaHa, yes can be blighters to get off, I pushed them down to the ankle and we're easy to get off with a pull over the heel, was careful not to tear them. Load of faffing eh pops! I shall keep using them to see if they continue to help..😊

  • I have a pair too, but only ever use them after a run. I do occasionally run in long compression socks - I have a pair of 2XU which are pretty tight, whereas the Aldi ones are easier to use, less tight and a little more padded around the feet. I use these on my trail events when it's been wet - stops the legs getting too muddy :-)

  • I have a medical type one which my husband got me for my shin splint. I have compression tights, which feel great around the calves, but the buggers slip down revealing acres of midriff. I have compression socks but never wear them. I might if I got injured again though.

  • I have some but have never used them. Glad to hear they are working for you Dave. The cooler weather is just around the corner!

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