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My Running week

Hello all,

This week actually included running!!

I went for a run on Monday with my lovely daughter (MissMat30) who has just completed the c25k. We ran for about 35 minutes and it was really nice to run with someone, she did really well and said to me in the last hundred metres, come on dad lets race! She took off and I had to catch her up, which fortunately I managed to, but I was at a flat out sprint and even though I could have run a bit further I couldn't go any faster as my little legs were going like the clappers (relative to me that is). I was a refreshing change to have company and I will look forward to that when she is home from Uni as she goes back tomorrow.

Wednesday had me running intervals, which I anticipated I would not enjoy but actually perversely I did. I like to run those on the treadmill as I get a much more consistent pace and was able to up it in the last 2 intervals which is always good. This morning I ran a semi fast 5k, although I felt it in the last km. I was thinking I had slowed up but in fact I had sped up at least according to my splits. So all in all a decent return to my training plan. Monday normally is my longer run but seeing as I haven't been in a pool for 3 weeks I think I might swim instead, I will have to see how I feel tomorrow after dropping MissMat30 off for her third year at University :-( .

Anyway I hope that you are all well and enjoying the remains of the summer, keep sick/injury free and keep on running!

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Well done MissMat30! That's brilliant and how lovely for the two of you to run together.

It sounds as if you had a good week back on running form Mat 😊


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