I worry about mine wearing out and being unable to run until I can replace them. I worry about replacing them as they are essential to me, without them I got bad knee pain and couldn't run at all. Getting gait analysis done and trying before buying involves at least a three and half hour drive. I keep thinking that I should buy another pair exactly the same as the ones I have now (they're not cheap are they!).

What do you all do?

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  • I really should have checked other posts first! When do manufacturers bring out their new models and their old ones go on sale? :)

  • Think they are all different...prices for shoes change all the time, especially on Amazon. I, like you got exactly the same pair, then wore them in a bit before I actually needed to swap over.

  • I don't think you need gait analysis every time and as nowhere now seems to offer returns after you've tried shoes in earnest, you may as well buy online if getting to a shop is a long (and thus expensive) journey and return if they don't fit or work for you running round the house. My worst ever shoes (certainly far worse than the walking boots I started C25K in) were ones fitted after gait analysis and in a specialist shop.

    New Balance for one offer free P&P over £50 and free returns which I've found very straightforward (Although I've not been pleased with the way the uppers of my Minimus Trails have worn) I do try to have the next shoe ready before one has become unusable (mine have to be washed so frequently that I have two pairs anyway)

    There was a great shoe comparison site but I can't remember the details. Anyone?

  • I bought a pair of trail running shoes and a pair for general running as I started C25K and I graduated around 6 months ago now. I haven't worn mine out yet and they'd are both comfortable and have taken me a long way, so no plans to buy more yet. However, I don't plan to have gait analysis done at all. I have seen research that says if a pair of shoes are comfortable, they will be just as good as a pair bought after having analysis done. Planning on continuing to trust myself when the happy shoe buying day comes

  • I'm going to chill and keep an eye out for the price of my current pair coming down.

  • This is what I do. Once I downgrade a pair of running shoes to puttering shoes I start to look out for the next identical pair. Because you're not in a rush when you first change shoes you have lots of time to look for deals. In Canada we tend to have good deals after Christmas, as well as after the American Thanksgiving due to deals being offered south of the border. There also seem to be good deals when the running shops change clothing for the seasons.

  • Trainers are expensive. What do you have? Mine are Asics Gel Numbus and I'm happy with them but then I have no comparison. I bought them over the internet after trying various shoes on in a shop but not finding anything I liked. My plan was just to reordercthem or a similar shoe of the same type when theyvneed replacing but having your replacement shoes handy at home is not a bad idea.

  • I have Brooks Ravenna 7. Very comfortable from the beginning and fitted at Up and Running in Eastleigh. Also I think cheaper than many online prices. I have several months wear left in them although I am going to struggle to avoid puddles from now on (it was hard enough this summer!) I will buy some more in a month or two. I would hate to stop running because of no shoes. I cannot risk trying some others either - my other pair - not bought for running and just left my knees in such a mess each time I hit week 5 or so in C25k.

  • After playing around trying a different model which I then returned, I am now in my second pair of Gel Kayano's - same model and (boringly) same colour! No regrets! I think it is quite common to buy two pairs of a favoured shoe or keep an eye open for bargains on sale of the same shoe. 🙂 Am currently on the look out for identical trail shoes too, as they are looking quite tired.

  • Funnily enough, I was thinking about this yesterday. My trainers have been brilliant. I chose them just because they had £90 off. They're not worn out yet but I saw them advertised again yesterday, still at the vastly reduced price... So I'm wondering about just buying a second pair. I've never had gait analysis but I just know that they are very comfortable and I've had not issues with my feet (or any other bit of me) since I started running in them.

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