Other than more carrots, any suggestions?

So, folks, I've just started the Bridge to 10k programme.

In doing so I've made a liar of myself as I've been telling all and sundry since I finished the C25k plan in April that I would only ever want to run 5k...

But anyway, here's the thing. I'm back to interval training and want to use my stopwatch again.

I have a wee Garmin sports watch which is fine but when it's in stopwatch mode I can't light it up without it interpreting my pressing of the button as an instruction to stop the timer.

That was fine yesterday on my day off when I was running in the daylight. But autumn is upon us and I'll be running in the evening.

I don't want to run with my phone. I like my wee old coal-fired ipod for tunes and my watch for the time.

So, can anyone recommend a cheapy lighty-up watch or stopwatch that I could see the numbers on even in the dusk.

I normally wear reading glasses and don't want to have them with me. So big numbers as well as bright numbers would be a bonus!


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  • What are you like!😁 Mine & my wife's Garmins have the light button on the top left of the watch is yours not the same? Good luck with the training! I'm also training for 10k race in Oct, upping the distance gradually, will probably be last! But who cares!...😊

  • It's only got one button davelinks!

    I may ask Santa for a posher one and see if he would drop it down the chimney three months early...

  • Head torch?

  • I was thinking about similar when i ran yesterday. I have a forerunner 220 but I'm only just getting the hang of it. It does beep when I reach certain distances on the routes I've preset so even when its dark I should have some idea but then I would have anyway as they are runs that I do regularly. I am being very unclear! But I'm a bit unclear about quite how this watch works!

  • How about running an app like endomondo on your ipod that tells you your laptime and pace every km. In theory it would just interrupt your music and speak to you then the music would go back on (assuming your coal fIred ipod has gps?)... or can you get an app that speaks to your Garmin and relays to you in audio what it's recording? Just wondering if there's an audio solution somehow... I take my phone with endomondo turned up on full so I just hear it announcing the laps out of my running belt...

  • Yes. I've been thinking that I probably should stop being afraid of my phone and learn how to use it properly. I'll get a toddler to show me what it can do!

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