Apprehensive about doing 10km race

My Sunday running group leader is doing my local Croydon 10k on Oct 9th, and is offering trainining for it. l fancy doing it, but think I would have to pull my finger out to train harder and Cross-Train

Have found getting to 5km really tough lately, and go to a walk for short intervals, although running for 30 mins just manageable, maybe the warm weather is affecting me or lack of Cross-Training. There's no pains in the body, but feel a lack of energy, (am staying well hydrated) and the mind starts telling me to hold up & stop. So with about 5weeks to get in shape, shall I go for it and sign up? My anxiety will go to 10..😊

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  • If it was me I would say... go for it! I am very cheap and if I put my name and money down for a run I usually get motivated to train for it...

    So hopefully it will give you motivation to train more and overcome your brain telling you that you cannot run longer than 5k or 30'.... the importance is that you do not feel you have to do it and enjoy the process. If it becomes too much of a stress than just don't bother and avoid race day (I am sure you won't ;)

    unfortunately everybody is different, Is there a possibility for late entrance on the day? An option is that you train for it and then do as you feel on the day...

    Or, just ask yourself what would you suggest to a good friend asking the same question to you and then follow the suggestion :)

    hope you enjoy your running and get motivation anyway you decide to go

    all the best


  • The cost is Β£15 for me to enter as not in an affiliated club, so would feel committed and probably more motivated to do it. Am just testing the water first, so to speak..

  • Well that's much better than me then as my body is always aching. I have a niggle somewhere on my body at any given time. This morning it's everywhere after a gruelling weeding session. I am taking it steady today as a result. I find 5k runs THE hardest! You have so little time to hit the ground running, then no time to get a run rhythm going before it's a mad dash at the end. Give me a 10 k every time. Much more time to fit it all in. So much less frenetic.

    You have some miles under your belt now Dave. I thought you had done 10ks before if only in training. I reckon you could do it. You seem to have the fitness. If you have chance to train for it then why not. You don't have to do the race at the end of it if you don't feel ready. Maybe you would kick yourself for not giving it a shot. Not that I'm pressing you unduly cos I'm not but I'd hate for you to wave goodbye to the opportunity when it presented itself. Shurrup Wobble!

  • I was out with slinky earlier today for a long walk. We started out with a brisk walk, which went into a very brisk walk, and I broke into a jog for a few hundred metres then slowed waiting for slinky to catch-up, then walked up to about 3-4km then broke into a jog up a hill through some lovely shaded woods, felt fantastic! Really felt like everything was firing, then it was walking through the woods and another 100 meter jog uphill before returning home, over 4 miles done.. felt much better than Saturdays Parkrun where I felt half dead. Wonder if it's down to a proper longer warm up with walk/run?

  • Ha, I've just posted a pretty similar post and then read yours!

    So you go for it as yours is first, and I'll see how you get on. :) :)

  • Ha Ha! Thanks gorgeous!😁 Will read your post..

  • I know I only tend to do the 10km's when I have an event looming. So I really need an event to train for anything over 5km. I find that the motivation for me starts from the first moment I say YES, then The excitements starts to build and I really get into it, you might find it gets easier as the temperature drops and the pollen and pollution gets lower. I'm SE London myself and I've found the pollution this year has been draining, it's only now just starting to ease up a bit. Which ever you decide happy running.

  • Rf.. I'm just over from you on the Surrey/Kent border, and yes the warm weather doe's seem draining and the pollen doesn't help as have hayfever with dry eye syndrome which can be so annoying.

    But, went out earlier at midday and did walk/run incorporating a few small hills and did over 4 miles & felt great for a change... 😊

  • It's understandable to have some anxiety signing up for a 10k Dave and the heat has proved difficult for most of us. I'm sure if you build up steadily for 5 weeks you will achieve your goal, even if you have to have a walk break at some point, there's nothing wrong with that. I say give it a go, it will be a great experience and I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of it. I'll be rooting for you! 😎

  • I would go for it Dave , definitely ! 10k is a fantastic distance to run , you have time to settle into a pace that's comfortable for you.

    I would say yes and take up the offer of training and see how you go on.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide :-) xxx

  • The heat/humidity round here has been a killer the last few weeks Dave. I'd say go for it, there is always the run/walk option if you want and I would agree with others that you do settle into a better run once you get past 5k. Good luck.

  • Dave- why not do it using a run/walk training plan?? Have a look here at Jenny Hadfields 10K plans Her run/walk plan is a 10 week plan - but at you level of fitness you could plug yourself somewhere appropriate into it in the middle somewhere

  • Thanks Bazza, yes I think that's the way to go for me, and my run group leader will help me out with the training..😊

  • Go for it Dave. If I can, you can.

    If you need a walking break, take one. I do think that the heat & humidity really has been draining & if you also have hayfever it's no real surprise you've been feeling less than on top form.

    We're all here cheering you on, I promise not to cheer toooo loudly! πŸ˜ƒ

    You can do it.

  • Go for it!

    With someone offering to train you, what have you got to lose?

    The heat and humidity will soon disappear and hopefully your energy levels will come back - especially with the motivation of an event.

  • Have been up around 7k in the past so not far away from the magic 10

  • Just wanted to echo the words of those above. Hope you decide to go for it and here's wishing you lots of luck with the training! ☺

  • 7 is the magic number! From there to 10k is nowt! Honestly. If you train for it that is, and you know all about slow progression now. It's really fun! I loved the process. I got stuck a bit around 7k but kept pushing against the door til I broke through. It's ever so exhilarating when you finally get to 10k. Once there you'll run it all the time as it's the spring board then to longer distances

    As long as it's fun, that's the important bit

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