'Chase the train' - well sort of!


posted about a great event in Yorkshire called Chase the train which follows the steam train's route, family/ supporters can go for a train ride while the runners try to beat the train!

Well, I was reading the information about my race next week (Road to the Isles 10k) and noticed that we cross a railway line which also has steam trains (Harry Potter's no less!). The race starts at 1pm and the train will be crossing our route at 1.27pm (4k). That got me thinking that maybe I could try and race the train and cross the track before it arrives. Or perhaps try and arrive at the same time then I will have to stop at the gates which will give me a few minutes breather! Either way it will be an incentive to keep up the pace. Looking forward to the event - views will be amazing :)

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  • Yay, your own personal chase the train, sounds perfect. I sort of hope you don't get caught the wrong side of the crossing, that would be quite annoying ☹️🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂. 😀.

  • Today I ran the first 4k in 27:05 so it will be close!

  • That sounds wonderful.. what fun too! As RFC says, get across to the side you need to be on :) x

  • Well if the barriers are down I will get a little rest! So pleased with my time today - 1:05:59 to be precise, fastest 10k :)

  • Sounds like a great incentive for getting the pacing right. And a picturesque addition to any race!

  • That sounds exciting and a sensible goal for the first 4k. Nice to also think of our running being a similar pace to a steam train, chugging along across the countryside. Hopefully we don't put out quite as much steam though :)

  • Just checked the train timetable and unfortunately the steam train doesn't run on Saturdays and Sundays until later in the season, hubby disappointed :(

  • Tomas

    Will be a diesel engine but still good incentive!

  • Ah! Well you can use your imagination :)

  • I will be puffing like a steam train so that will have to do!

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