Race with a view! Road to the Isles 10k

Race with a view! Road to the Isles 10k

After reading inspiring and entertaining race reports by Anniemurph and Ruth_canal_runner I thought I better post my race report from last Saturday.

Our long day started early. We left home at 6.30am with the car packed with clothes, gear, dog food etc etc (faffing about gear all done the evening before!). The ferry trip across to the mainland was lovely although a bit chilly on the top deck. I collected my number from the community centre (the finish) - there was a hive of activity in the hall and outside with officials setting up barriers, banners and signs.........excitement rising! We drove down the route to the start - oh my, it was rather undulating, in fact I would describe it hilly in places.....nerves and gremlins whispering! We had time to stroll on the beautiful white beaches before the start at 1pm. The start must be one of the most picturesque in the country (see photo). We gathered in a field - the sheep and lambs had been shooed to the other end, and it was rather chilly in the sea breeze so I was wearing my jacket, thin gloves, buff and long tights. After some star jumps and stretching exercises to loud music, which didn't seem to fit with the surroundings, we were off. I started at the back of the runners and went a slow jog initially. I passed a few people and rather quickly, after about five minutes I began to regret wearing all those clothes - gloves off, buff off, jacket tied round my waist! The undulating route made it really difficult to settle into a rhythm, I was trying hard to breath out for two and in for three but it was difficult. However, I surprised myself because I did manage a little chat with a lady as I ran along, she was doing a nice steady pace and I tried to keep up with her (although not for very long!). The gremlins were out to get me saying things like, 'you are too hot', 'you need a drink', 'you can't keep running up this hill' but despite finding it quite hard I kept plodding along. There was plenty of water available , but why in bottles? I only wanted a little sip - what a waste (reminder to myself to look up waist belts for carrying a bottle). Oh, for those who read my other post about chasing the train, I have to inform you that I didn't beat the train....too hilly and hot (well that is my excuse!). The last part of the race was on a pavement along the main road and it was very gradually going up hill - phew, what a slog! At one point I was running with a dad who was running and carrying his young daughter on his back - they were doing the 5k. I was determined not to let him go past me so tried to go a little faster... Eventually the road levelled out and the community hall was in sight. I 'sprinted' to the finish - well it felt like it anyway ;) Really pleased with the lovely medal and t-shirt and very pleased with myself for coming 54 out of 77 in 1 hour 12 minutes. We had a celebratory fish and chips before travelling back on the ferry and home. What a great day out.

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  • Ooh that sounds so beautiful! I don't want to waste another 10k on a non-picturesque route ever again. I'm determined to find a beautiful trail run somewhere. And knowing you left so early and committed your whole day to this makes me feel I should look further afield too. It was definitely a warm day last saturday but I'd rather have been too hot where you were than stuck on tarmac going round and round an olympic velopark. And fish and chips as post-run recovery fuel sounds absolutely ideal. I'm lusting after that infinite horizon line I think :)

  • Yes, it was a beautiful place to run and I am glad that we had time to walk on the beach before the race because it was more difficult to look at the views while running!

  • I'm very fussy where I run races Ruth and only choose lovely routes. My logic is that if the worst happened and I couldn't run then at least I get a walk in a gorgeous area!

  • Congratulations sue!that looks beautiful and worth battling the hills for !you did great! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you, I was pleased with myself for fighting off those gremlins!

  • A lovely place to run - we are so lucky as runners!

  • Yes, since starting running I look at places and think.. .this would be a nice place to run or not!

  • That looks lovely Sue, well done you, and a great time for a challenging route. Yes, everywhere we go now we're eyeing up places for run routes ๐Ÿ˜‚.....don't know what's happened to me.....๐Ÿค”


  • Ha, ha yes it is amazing how couch to 5k changes us!

  • Sounds like a great day out and a brilliant run, well done.

    I hope the finish was as picturesque as the start even if you weren't able to take in much of the view in between!

  • Yes, the finish at Mallaig also has stunning views. :)

  • Ah now that's somewhere I've actually been I think! Many years ago. Would I have got a boat/ferry to Eigg from there?

    I had a great time on my one and only visit to Scotland. It was May and the hottest place in the UK for the whole week. Unbroken sunshine and very few gnats. I've always treasured the memory of a fantastic week, and am reluctant to revisit in case it rains for the whole time and all the views are hidden by low clouds. But views like the one you posted make me think that I ought to risk it at some point...

  • Yes, visit! May is a good time, we have just had a week of unbroken sunshine and warm days (but cooler today). You can see Eigg in the photo I think, one is Eigg and the other Rum.

  • Problem is I'm never in the UK in May... :(

  • :(

  • Oh, well done! Great report, thank you. I giggled at the thought of shooing the sheep and lambs away so you could all start :D What a beautiful place too, although that word 'undulating'... hmmm. I agree with you about water as well - I much prefer it when they provide it in cups rather than bottles because I won't carry the bottle with me for the rest of the run so it's such a waste. A great time and finish position, and how fab to celebrate with fish and chips! Well done :)

  • I am pleased with the finish position considering I went last through the start gate! There was a huge dish of homemade paella at the finish, which smelt lovely but a banana and satsuma was all I could manage, also there was a very long queue!

  • Paella! Mmmmmm!

  • Fabulous run, terrific report, glorious photo and route, mighty fine time!

    Well done Sue.๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • Thanks for reading my report - it was a bit long ;) and yes, a grand day out :)

  • Lovely race report Sue and what a beautiful photo. I can smell the sea! Well done to you

  • Thank you Irishprincess....how lucky I am to be able to run in such a beautiful place.

  • Congratulations! I'd thought about signing up for that one as it's not too far away but didn't in the end and I'd wondered what the route was like so thank you for posting! Maybe next year! Well done ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Oh, it is a shame you didn't, we could have had a C25k meet up! You would have coped well with the undulating route since your last race had hills. Where are you - in the Highlands?

  • Oh yes! Maybe next year - I'm in Highland not far from Fort William so no excuse really!

  • Simply glorious.. what a lovely day out and fish and chips too!!!

    You had a brilliant run and a brilliant time too :) x

  • Thank you Floss, yes the fish and chips were a treat - only a child size portion for me though ;)

  • :) Like me... I cannot eat regular portions.. and often share husband's :)

  • PS

    Never mind about beating that train... you had some stunning views....and you finished with a sprint!!!

  • 'Sprint' with inverted commas!! Hubby videoed the finish and I certainly looked better than my 13k finish in Edinburgh!

  • Well done Sue. Sounds fantastic. Where exactly was the run?

  • From Traigh beach to Mallaig (North west Scotland) - are you anywhere near?

  • I'm in Glasgow but I might have a look at it next year

  • Well done! And all those hills, whew - I feel a bit knackered just reading it! Well done indeed :)

  • Thanks John. Yes, it was a bit of a huff and puff especially when the sun came out :)

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