Is it too late to train for the Great South Run?

Hiya - I graduated from the Couch to 5k about 6 weeks ago. Since then (other than a week long migraine and issues with my back/hips, which new 'proper' running trainers seems to have resolved) I have been running 3 times a week. Sometimes it's a 5k (timing is 36 mins at the mo) or 6K which takes around 45 mins. I would have been further along the programme without the aforesaid issues holding me back! My goal was to be ready for the Great South Run in October. Is it still possible? My speed and stamina have improved but I'm getting conflicting messages - some say I'd be pushing myself too hard to be ready, and others are wanting me to sign up! I'd really appreciate your advice!

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  • If you are young and have a good base fitness then you could go for it but you're still a baby runner and that's a lot of mileage to cram in in just 9 weeks. You wouldn't have any wriggle room for injury or scaling down weeks. I would think maybe going for a 10K event would be a more realistic goal and keep the GSR for 2017. I assume you're in this running thing for a long time so why risk it all at this stage? Just saying......

  • I agree with Irishprincess - if you are young and fairly fit then it may be fine but if not, beware of those overuse injuries that can be quite troublesome at this stage! I am 51 and my training is not linear! I get periods of progress followed by niggles that I just have to sit up and take notice of, ease up on my training etc. The GSR is 10miles (or 16K) which is quite a jump from where you are now. All that said, lots of luck (and care!) with whatever you decide.🙂

  • Thanks! I'm 42 and a bit overweight... I also do Pilates and swimming each week. As long as my back and hips don't give me too much trouble that is! The heat this morning made the 6k very slow, though could have carried on but didn't want to overdo it!

  • I am at a similar stage to you and also was interested in the great south run but would prefer to do it when I am actually ready and confident....there's no rush, maybe do a few 10k's and build up to it for next year, when you will enjoy it more. That's my plan anyway:)

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